Prayer Diary Mexico

16 Jul 2017

Imagine not being able to go to school, use your taps or shower, or go to work just because you’re not the same denomination as your neighbours. That’s the situation faced by many religious minorities in Mexico: a difficult and frustrating experience that’s made worse by cases often going unresolved for years. But it’s not just minorities who are at risk – Mexico is the most dangerous country in the world to be a Catholic priest. Several are murdered each year and hundreds are being forced to pay money to criminal gangs.

  • Sunday 16 July

The Roman Catholic Church ranks Mexico as the most dangerous country in the world for Catholic priests. Three priests were murdered last year and, according to the Catholic Multimedia Centre, 520 priests are under threat from criminal groups. Ask God to protect these priests today.

  • Monday 17 July

One long-running case is the village of Mariano Matamoros, where Protestants have experienced severe harassment, including violence and imprisonment, since 2012. Agreements to protect them haven’t been enforced and no charges have been filed against the perpetrators. Pray to the God of justice that the perpetrators would be held accountable for their actions soon.

  • Tuesday 18 July

Protestant families from Lazaro Cardenas Chilil village were forced out of their homes in November 2009. To this day, they haven’t been able to return. Pray for strength and endurance for them, and a swift resolution to their case.

  • Wednesday 19 July

Today, please pray for these long running cases we’ve been working on that are still awaiting justice. Ask God to bring them to the attention of the government again and protect them from further abuses.

  • Thursday 20 July

In November last year, 12 Protestant families in El Encanto were forced to sign an agreement saying that if they didn’t participate in the local Roman Catholic festivals, they would be stripped of all their community rights. Now they can’t access water or medical care. Pray that God would provide for them and give them justice today.

  • Friday 21 July

Children from 11 of the families in El Encanto were barred from attending school, and told that they could only return if they renounced their faith. They refused. Please pray that the children would be allowed to return to school.

  • Saturday 22 July

Father God, we pray for all those in Mexico who have to leave their homes or live without basic amenities because of their faith. Nobody should have to choose between their most basic human needs and their beliefs. Provide for them physically and spiritually, and in your glorious justice, we pray. Amen.

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