Faith and a Future

     Faith and a Future film

Jacob was taught that, because he’s a Christian, all he’ll ever be is a cleaner. He was forced to give up on his dreams. José Gabriel missed out on vital years of school because his family were thrown out of their village and not permitted to register him at a local school. 

Across the world, children are denied a fair education simply because of their religion or belief.

These injustices happen to children of all faiths, all over the world. Christian children in Nigeria are forced to take Muslim names just to get into school. Rohingya Muslim children in Burma see their schools knocked down. Baha’i students in Iran are expelled from university if their religious beliefs are discovered. This is a truly global problem.

Faith and a Future is a bold new campaign, tackling the discrimination and abuse that’s seen in schools around the world. Together we want to ensure that no child is punished for their faith. Will you join us? 

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