Governance and finance

CSW’s main office is in London, UK. We also have offices in Brussels, Belgium; and Washington DC, USA.

We operate an open management style and always encourage all staff, at whatever level within the structure or however junior in terms of length of service, to participate fully in the decision making process. 

We recognise that everyone has specialities and strengths, and we want to use those qualities to enhance our decision making process. We therefore consult with all relevant parties before making a final decision.

Although the structure is hierarchical, nevertheless we have a Bible-based ethos of ‘servant leadership’. No one in CSW should be too senior, too qualified, or indeed too ‘spiritual’ to listen to and learn from others. If put into practice effectively, this ethos should mean that our individual weaknesses are covered by our colleagues’ strengths. From President to volunteer, we aim to be a Christ-centred, prayerful team.


CSW is overseen by a Board of Trustees and Strategic Leadership Team. More details are on the  Our team  page.

Board of Trustees/directors

This Board is legally responsible for the work of the organisation. As Trustees/Directors they are responsible to the Charity Commission and as Company Directors to Companies House. Their responsibility covers:

Executive Committee

Governance Committee

Board of Reference

This is made up of prominent people who publicly support our work to uphold  religious freedom for all. This Board never meets, but from time to time members are asked to help us campaign on specific issues.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief operating Officer

Departmental Directors (Communications and Finance)

Strategic Leadership Team

The CEO, COO, Head of Fundraising, Departmental Directors, and Senior Advocacy Team Leaders  form the Strategic Leadership Team, which regularly meets to discuss strategic and operational issues.


For every £1 we receive, 88p goes to our charitable objectives. We spend the other 12p on governance and raising more money. We take seriously the stewardship of resources, both financial and human,  and we work hard to make sure the money we receive is spent as effectively as possible.  Find out more about what we do.   Download our Annual Report  to view our latest audited accounts.