Why is this a crucial step for North Korea?


CSW’s East Asia Team Leader explains why the UN vote recommending the referral of North Korea to the International Criminal Court is so significant and the impact such a referral would have on the North Korean people.  Celebrating the “historic moment” in human rights campaigning on North Korea, he tells us that “the biggest challenge is yet to come” and why you need to join CSW for the next chapter.

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North Korea: CSW welcomes UN General Assembly vote recommending North Korea referral to ICC  19/11/14

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Mexico: Conference to hear first-hand testimony of religious freedom violations 04/11/2014


North Korea Report Christian Solidarity Worldwide's report, North Korea: A Case to Answer : A Call to Act, states that "there is a prima facie case for the commission of crimes against humanity...” It has been written by international lawyers and provides extensive testimonies and quotes from North Koreans. It represents the culmination of seven years of research and draws heavily on interviews and consultations with over 80 North Korean defectors.

Pakistan: Summary of concerns and recommendations "Freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) concerns in Pakistan range from everyday institutional and social discrimination to targeted mass killings at places of worship."

Indonesia Report
"Rising religious intolerance poses a threat not only to the country’s religious minorities but to all Indonesians who value democracy, human rights, peace and stability."


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