Meriam arrives safely in Italy!

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Meriam Ibrahim and her family have arrived in Italy from Sudan, safe at last after her year-long ordeal!

Thank you so much for standing with Meriam. There’s no question that the huge wave of international support helped to keep her case in the spotlight, so the Sudanese government couldn’t get away with executing her for the alleged crime of apostasy.

Meriam’s lawyers informed us that all the charges against her have been dropped – including the charges of forgery and provision of false information that had been brought against her last month, after the apostasy and adultery charges were dismissed on appeal. >> Read more…

We’ve been informed that Meriam and her family will eventually travel to the US. Her husband Daniel is a US citizen.

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Sudan: Meriam Ibrahim arrives in Italy
Meriam Ibrahim and her family have arrived safely in Italy after criminal charges against her and her husband were dismissed and they were permitted to leave the Sudan. 24/07/2014

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