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Our commitment to the persecuted Church is not simply a matter of human rights advocacy and political lobbying. It is also a spiritual mission. And prayer is the most powerful tool we can use to help our brothers and sisters in Christ who are struggling against injustice.

What has God placed on your heart to pray for at the moment? Please share your prayers by posting them on our prayer wall. Jesus said “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” and when we pray, God moves in amazing ways. So let’s join together today to intercede for the persecuted Church. 

Heavenly Father, I pray for the millions of Christians who face hardship and persecution because they love You. Help them to find comfort and joy in the midst of oppression, may others be encouraged by their example and may we who are not living under daily threat of persecution never take for granted our freedom to follow You. In Jesus' precious name, Amen

I pray Father for my brothers and sisters in Iran. I pray for strength, courage and Your peace in their hearts as they face daily pressures for being followers of Jesus. I especially pray for Pastor Yousef as he awaits news of his sentence. I pray that you will be his all sufficiency. I pray for his family. Oh Lord protect them and be a shield around them at this awful time. Thank you Lord for your love and grace.
Sarah, UK

Lord I pray for our Christian Brother's around the world in Egypt,Iran,Belarus,& Sudan give them the strength and patients too get through this time and do not forsake them we pray that all faith's can live together in a spirit of unity & peace in Jesus name.
Anthony, UK

Dear Father we remember before your throne our dear brothers and sisters also their children, please answer our prayers and strengthen and help these your children who suffer so much, grant fredom and deliverance in your perfect time help them to endure in Jesus Name.
Graham, UK

Heavenly Father, Creator of All, I pray that you will have mercy on all converts from Islam who have come to faith in spirit and in truth. Protect and provide for them as they face untold persecution and encourage them at all times. May they always know your love and peace. In the name of Christ.
Suzie, UK

Father in Heaven, I thank you for being the God who sees. I thank you that your see and hear what goes on in Egypt. I pray that Egypt will not give radical Muslims all the power. I ask for religious freedom and civil rights for Christians in Egypt. I thank you for your mercy on Christian converts from Muslim faith, and ask that the families and communities of Christian converts will find mercy for them as well. I know that Christians the world over face persecutions that we in the USA cannot imagine. Thank you for seeing and please help those struggling, hurting believers. Please give them strength and encouragement.
Julie, USA

Lord and Father in the name of Jesus I pray that You renew us, your children in love peace, joy, holiness and righteousness, I pray Lord for our brothers and sisters who currently being persecuted for Your namesake, please strengthen them Lord help them to face the trials the come their way with Your everlasting joy, help them Lord to remember Romans 8:17, fill us with Your spirit daily I pray in Jesus' name. Amen
Peita, Jamaica

Lord i pray for 0urs brothers and sisters in the world that are being mistreated for there faith may God be with them all the time and i will remember them in my prayers. Amen

I pray in Jesus name that God makes a way of escape for persecuted Christian and that God deals with their enemies however he sees fit.
R. Jarmon, USA

Almighty father, your dominion knows no end. I lift up nigeria unto your hands for your mercy and healing. Pls help us put an end to the killings of xians in the north, the surge of boko haram and let your righteousness prevail throughout the world. Thank you dear lord in Jesus powerful name. Amen
Kanyin, Nigeria

Gracious Father, i pray that Pastor Nadarkhani will be shown clemency and given a pardon from his death sentence. Also send the compassion of Jesus Christ to care and comfort him; and your Holy Spirit to strenghten and fortify Pastor Nadarkhani in his time of need. Amen
Hugh, UK

I pray for all who are being persecuted for their faith, that the Lord will give them the strength they need not to give in through any kind of pressure or torture, and that they are blessed with a spirit of forgiveness for their persecutors.
Isabel, UK

Father, we know that You sent Your son Jesus that all might have ETERNAL life in You throughout the whole world. I ask you, Father, to save men and women in high places, whose voices are heard by millions. Bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and cause them to proclaim their faith though it cost them all. I pray you will pour out your Holy Spirit on people who produce and star in movies, who make commercials, news broadcasters, interviewers, commentators, television and radio owners and managers. May all people who have the eyes and ears of the masses in remote villages, towns and cities speak your name clearly and always to those who have not heard about the love of Jesus. May they show the way of salvation through Jesus Christ though it may cost them family, friends, home, income and life. Save those people in the Bollywood,Japanese, Chinese, Hollywood industries, all countries who are in the media that they may share the gospel of the Living Word to people that have no other way to hear your message of hope and love. May movie super hero's become hero's of the nations for proclaiming Jesus. You alone are God of this world and your power knows no end. Amen
Rochelle, USA

Dear Father, my prayer is for the open up of the Gospel in the unreached areas of the world. Thank you because you make a way where there seem to be no way. Amen
Chinsinsi, Malawi

Heavenly Father, You are the God of justice and the mighty Man of war. You have said that those who would follow you will experience persecution. Please have mercy on your sons and daughters and make a way for them in the midst of their suffering. Help us all to know that in suffering for you we partake of your sufferings. Let the glory of Heaven be real to us that we may overcome every obstacle and persecution here on Earth. I pray for those who are currently on death row, in prison, in courts all over the world, for the Name of Jesus Christ, that your deliverance be swift and your will be done. In the end take all glory and comfort every believing soul. In Jesus' Holy Name.
Tunde, Nigeria

Oramos para que se intensifiquem os protestos reais contra toda forma de perseguição, contra a omissão e os aproveitadores políticos. Pedimos a Deus que breve venha sua justiça contra os malfeitores, os que tramam contra a opinião pública, os que praticam a desonra e a violência oclusa. Que a luz da Verdade resplandeça sobre os sinceros e que seja poderoso o braço de Deus estendido contra os Seus inimigos, os que hostilizam os que a Deus servem para seus fins carnais.
Rede, Brazil

We pray for these people who are sick because we know that God can do what is impossible for us. Linda Laughlin- heart trouble, David Oser- in bad health, presymptomatic multiple sclerosis, Nancy-neck and lower back trouble form old horse riding accident, Diane Smith- had another heart attack, Vergie Bennett- has a cold which is very serious since she has COPD, Lupe Parker- had a stroke, Janet- nearing the end. Wilbur Roane- heart trouble.Will soon have an angioplasty. His wife Shirley has been having trouble with high sugar count, Geneva George- has been having problems with dizziness and will soon have a pacemaker put in,(update- home recovering from pacemaker operation, Mrs. Bowman- pneumonia is gone she at the beginning stages of Alzheimers disease, Gerrie's granddaughter and her husband- personal problems, Heidi- lupus, Racheal-due to complications from a gal bladder surgery, she went through another surgery to repair her liver. It's critical that this surgery is a success and that she recovers as planed,(update- surgery went well. Since it was very complicated, it will take a while for her to recover.) Earnest Kamran- history of heart trouble,(miracle update- The doctors were mystified to find that his heart was completely dead on the right side but blood was being processed through "new vessels" which had grown to support his heart!!) Jeff K. and family- job and financial problems, Mr. RC Timothy's 12 year old daughter- cushing syndrome, Mets- hand injury, Diane M.- severe back pain, Joan's neighbor John- the loss of family members, Kassey Colvin, 3 year old- had surgery to remove growth toward brain stem, .....and others that we do not know about. Thanks for helping me pray. Let me know if anyone needs to be added to this temporary list. As new names are added to the top old names are deleted from the bottom. This keeps the lists short and updated. If you see that someone has been taken off the list that needs to remain, let me know and I will add them to the top again. God Bless
Ken, USA

Father Eternal God in your mercy and love comfort, strengthen and console those who are persecuted for their witness to You throughout the world. I pray also for their persecuters that their hearts will be converted through Your Love AMEN
Maureen, Dublin

Dear Lord, please be with your church in Nigeria. Bless it, protect it, strengthen and guide it. Comfort all those who have lost loved ones and who live in fear. Give the church leaders wisdom and courage and bring justice and peace to the nation. Amen
Anne-Marie, UK

Por favor ten misericordia de nuestros hermanos en Nigeria, y en todos los lugares en donde hay persecución a los hermanos creyentes, te pido, que impidas el mover del enemigo en estos lugares, y que se promuevan leyes, que impidan esto. Gracias Dios, por tu amor y misericordia, en el Nombre de Jesús el Cristo
Christian, Colombia

Dear God, please hear the prayers of your people all over the world. Protect the believers from their enemies. Let the world see Your mighty hand.
Liisa, Finland

DEUS oro por aqueles que sofrem em teu Nome. Para que transmitas coragem, fé, firmeza e certeza de que "... se ivemos, para o Senhor vivemos, se morremos,para o Senhor morremos. Portanto quer vivamos quer morramos somos do Senhor" (Rom 14:8). AMÉM
Alberto, Portugal

Dear lord, when I hear of bombs being thrown at congregations on Christmas day i cannot begin to imagine the devastating effect it must have on these communities. I pray for all of those affected by these violent acts of hatred. I pray particularly for Chidinma who now is without her family. I pray for a loving Christian family to rise up and take her in and take care of her. I pray for courage for those in authority who are trying to bring justice and peace to the people of Nigeria. I thank-you for those who are sharing this with the world so we know how to pray. Amen
Peppy, UK

Lord god i pray that the revelation given to Saul on the Damascus road would come to those who persecute those who love you throughout our world.I pray that the eyes of their hearts would be opened to see their self righteousness and that they would be blinded by the beauty of your holiness.Holy Spirit move in might and power to bring visions and dreams to those who dont know Jesus -even to those who are filled with hatred.Lord Jesus you see the pain of your people -set them free Lord.Be near them Lord.In jesus precious and lovely name .amen
Sandra, Ireland

Dear Lord, please show the world how Your loving, merciful power is stronger than all the forces of evil. We need Your Holy Spirit more and more. We thank You for loving all Your children. We pray, as Jesus You have taught us, for those who persecute us, whose actions and whose words show that they do not hear Your voice, nor obey Your commands. We pray You will touch their hearts with Your love as once You changed the heart of Saul, and turn them away from hatred, and back to You. Amen
Alex, England

Blessed be the Lord! I pray for the Nigerian Christians. May the Lord have mercy on these people; and give them strength, courage, console the heart of each Christian who are persecuted or trapped. Save, dear Lord, who doesn't know You! Mercy, Lord! In the name of Jesus. Amen.
Regina, Brazil

Heavenly Father,please comfort and heal the Christians in all over the world.Protect your people, Lord. Bless them everywhere in the world. Dear Father, make it impossible for Christians persecuted, and give your mercy on us. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!
Celia Sudré, Brazil

Heavenly Father I come before you to give all the honor and glory that you deserve just because of you out there is no God, also come before you, to protect our brothers in the Republic of Nigeria, place it in the hole of your hand, our Father, your Holy Spirit is this armor to protect them from the darts of the enemy, I ask in the name that is above every name, I ask in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Father, may your children always walk proclaiming your protection in their minds and their hearts, so that if you will take them from this world, they die on you seized, to reach the kingdom of heaven, not spiritually sleep any time, but to be alert, because we do not know the day nor the hour of your coming and of our death. Also remember that people are children of one God, for you are the God of Abraham begat Isaac and Ishmael, and that this man taught his two children that you are the one God created the universe. Lord we know that the world will have tests, but in your mercy keep our brother and give them peace that only you know to give. All this we ask in the blessed name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Leslye,  Honduras

Father God, please open your wings and gather your children and protect them from all harm and degradation, hate, lies, persecution. AMEN
June,  USA

Lord I pray for your people all over the world who are experiencing hardship poverty and persecution. I ask that you will reveal yourself to them that their strength will be renewed and extend your protection towards them and their communities. I ask you to move your angels on their behalf and move other Christians to support them in prayer and finances. Amen
Helen, England

Lord God Almighty, I pray for your compassion for the persecuted Church. Have mercy of thy servants who suffer persecution because of your Gospel. Have mercy on those who persecute us, because they do this by total ignorance. Reach them with your grace and your love. My Jesus' peace that exceeds all understanding is reached by those who persecute Christians, just like you did to the Apostle Paul. In Jesus ' name, Amen.
Mariote, Brasil

I'm praying and believing for the good of my Nigeria
Oyin, Nigeria

Dear Lord strengthen the heart of your people. Show yourself strong. Join our hearts together as one so that you can hear us when we raise a battle cry. For this is a battle of the Kingdoms. And sure you will win the battle.
Lami, USA

Dear Lord, I pray to you for all your saints in Nigeria. Please, give to them your protection, your love and strength to support the persecution because of their faith in you. Show in that  how great you are and let them know your glory and grace. In the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen
Rosario, Canada

Dear Jesus, Please turn all hearts and mind to You and Yor ways, Your Will. Please protect us all from evil, especially our brothers and sisters in Nigeria and other war-torn areas of the world. In Jesus Name, Amen
Jan, USA

Heavenly Father, I pray for all my brothers and sisters in Christ who are experiencing terrible persecution to be protected and strengthened in the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ! Dear Jesus please make yourself known in visions and dreams to muslims especially in these lands as they have been enticed into bondage by the cult of Islam! I pray for Pakistan, India,Indonesia, Egypt,Iran,the continent of Africa and Middle East lands where much cruelty and,persecution and bloodshed is being carried out in the name of Islam! Comfort these victims and bless them Father God in your son`s precious name! Amen!
Carole, Nth Wales

Heavenly Father, We also you to watch over those who are being attacked and persecuted in your name. Jesus said they hated nme and so they will hate you also. We know that the blood of martyrs are the seed of the Church. Lord we ask that you give all Christians the strength to bear what may come in the future. We pray that you would smash these hearts of stone , help them to see that we are all your children worthy of love and respect. Guide us to do your will until the day that you return. Dear Father, give special blessings to your priests and those who minister in Your name We ask this all in the precious name of Your son and our Savior Jesus Christ.Amen
Mqrcia, USA

Holy Father, please bring comfort and the supernatural strength that only you can provide to the hurting, persecuted believers in Nigeria and elsewhere. I pray that the hearts of oppressors are miraculously changed and that they come to you for your grace and mercy. Amen.
Rachel, USA

Let our Lord enlighten the minds of those who work againest Christians. O Lord! Make our wisdom widen so as to live as right persons. Plant Ur Infinite LOVE in every soul on earth. Preserve us  and be with us in all our life span. 
Pr.Bapuji , India

Oh God, we thank you for ur mercy, please God let ur righteousness cover our nation Nigeria, let God arrest the heart of our leaders so that they can hear the cries of the masses. May God destroy the calamity that is about to befall Nigeria. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen
Callistus, Nigeria

Lord Jesus I pray for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. I pray you mat protect them and comfort them. I pray that their love and witness will make their persecutors stop and take note and that they too may come to know you as their saviour. This will bring great glory to Your Name. May their days of persecution be cut short as they are Your elect and your children. For Your glory's and Name's sake, Amen.
Greig, Scotland

My Lord Thank you for the possibility of praying for those who have been persecuted and some even killed by defending your holy name. Give them your protection,send your angels to guide them through safe ways.Give them your right words and make the world see how strong and powerful you are.May the name of Christ be loved, respected and accepted among those people. Amen
Edy, Brazil

Aimighty and Everlasting God, I humbly come before You, overwhelmed with all that is going on in my beloved , Nigeria.I pray that you will strenghten the unity and love of all my christian brethren. May there be an accelerated healing and power of forgiveness for everyone who have lost their loved ones in these tragedies. Holy Spirit help your children not grow weary in doing good even in very difficult situations. Blessed Saviour, Heal Nigeria and forgive us in the Glorious Name of JESUS I pray. Amen
Chituru, UK

Father Lord, i pray that you prepare the world for your coming, i pray for divine protection upon all those that are serving you faithfully and doing what you have called them to do, i pray for grace, strength, provision, i pray for their families and i pray that you will build a hedge of fire round about them. I pray that you give others the grace to awaken to the call of destiny,i pray for those injured and are presently persecuted in Nigeria and all areas of the world, judge your people with righteousness and equity in your name i pray Amen.
Tomi, UK

Heavenly Father I thank you that the whole earth belongs to you! You love the  of Nigeria and Jesus died and shed His blood for the people of Nigeria. I thank you that "the sceptre of the wicked will not remain over the land allotted to the righteous" (Ps 125) and that "no weapon formed against you will prevail" (Is.54). May your people in Nigeria rise up and be strong in the power of the Lord! May they be filled with your love and expereince your peace in the midst of these atrocities and may those who are attacking them be brought face to face with a revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Father, grant peace in that nation, comfort all who mourn, heal all those who have been injured and restore to your people all the enemy has taken from them. In Jesus'name, Amen.
Julie, UK

Lord, be with those who are persecuted. Bring them up from this valley; Walk hand in hand with them through this storm. Will them with strength & filled their oppressors with your love. Amen.
Sarah, USA

God You know justice and it walks with You , You are the owner of everything that exists your word is the law for those who loves and those who still don't know You word says a man do not prevail above another man , but above animals, a man has the right to make and name it ,but a man has no right to play God, deciding if human being will or won't live or breath. Have mercy all Father, hear the prayer of those who are in silence suffering because of man's will; I ask You Lord that You justice reach my brothers in Christ an d those who are about to be. Amem
Rodrigo, Brasil

Father-God, please strengthen the hearts of all Christians facing persecution. Soften the hearts of their enemies. Give the faithful and their families a special witness to comfort their hearts. Bless the Body of Christ with awareness of the sacrifices made by the faithful. Let there be no complacence. Holy Spirit help us pray for them and act in their benefit.
Anon, USA

Father, You know the pain and suffering that your children are enduring in Nigeria. Sustain and strengthen them, Papa, and fill them with Your joy and forgiveness. Lord, I pray for justice and an end to the terrible violence taking place in this nation. May Your Kingdom come with increasing power in Nigeria. Amen.
Kate, London

Dear Lord, I am burdened for the thousands of Christians who are imprisoned in North Korea and their children, many of whom are now living on the streets. please give courage and direction to the children and release the captives. may they experience miracles this year and know your presence in amazing ways.
Julie, UK

Dear Lord, I pray for Christians in North and Central Nigeria who continue to suffer at the hands of Boko Haram. Please help and comfort relatives of those who have been murdered including young Chidinma, who has been orphaned.
Caroline, UK

Dear Lord Please protect the Christian community in Nigeria and comfort and support those families whose loved ones have been murdered. Come Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of thy love.
Kath, England

Father in Heaven, I lift up brothers and sisters in Christ in Nigeria. We in the USA take our religious and other freedoms for granted. Please allow them to worship you and stop those who seek to harm the worshippers or cause them to stop worshipping. We know you are all seeing and all powerful. It is in the name of Jesus that I ask this. Amen
Julie, USA

Holy Spirit please be with those brothers and sisters throughout the world who are suffering for their faith, strengthen them, encourage them and stir those of us who live in freedom to support them in every possible Jesus precious name I pray believing you will answer...amen
Avril, Rochester

Heavenly Father, You know every each person.. because You are our creator. Give strong,peace and wisdom for people who live there. change the minds and hearts of those people who are causing so much pain on innocent people. Help then Dear Lord in Jesus name,amém.
Lilia, USA

My prayer is for persecuted Christains around the world: I pray for strength and courage to face your enemies. May you have understanding that Satan is behind all of the oppression, torture, threats, and violence. May you forgive the people that come against you as Christ forgave us. I speak strength to your spirit to stand for Christ during these difficult times. May the Holy Spirit bring you comfort, encouragement, and deliverance. Do not lose sight of the victory nor the special rewards you will receive in heaven for your testimony of Christ. God be with you and give you boldness and courage to endure. Love in Christ.
Cyndi,  USA

Lord we thank You for we know that you have seen and heard the cries of Your children.We know oh loving Father that this suffering are but for a while.Arise O jehova and let your enemies be scattered.
Kuatji, Gaborone

Father God I pray for all those across the world who are afflicted by Autism. I pray for their families that you would pour strength and hope into their hearts and help them to endure and overcome the problems and challenges. Please pour our your mercy on children/young people with Autism who are struggling within education and find it difficult to understand other people and the world around them. Please stretch our Your Mighty Hand to save Lord God as only You can change minds, turn hearts and give favour. We ask in your precious name Lord Jesus. Amen.
Jane, UK


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