Pray for Nigeria

Nigeria is a nation at the crossroads. The 2023 presidential elections come at a critical time for the country and its people. A currency redesign which was ostensibly aimed at combatting corruption and terrorism, has exacerbated economic suffering, particularly among the rural poor. 

Insecurity is at unprecedented levels and threatens to spiral as Nigerians of all faiths and none are terrorised by a number of violent and increasingly well-armed non-state actors. Abductions for ransom have surged, and the Nigerian government has failed to respond decisively to the many injustices taking place in the nation. 

Join us in prayer and fasting for Nigeria at this vital moment in the nation’s history.





Elections update (as of 28 March 2023)

25 March and 18 April will go down as significant moments in Nigeria’s history as millions went to the polls to vote in the first ever electronically transmitted presidential, National Assembly, gubernatorial and state elections. Many expressed confidence that their votes would actually count. However, the presidential and National Assembly elections were marred by irregularities, including underage voting and ballot snatching. Particularly concerning was a lack of transparency on the part of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) which, among other things, broke electoral law by failing to upload the presidential votes to its website from the polling units. 

At time of writing, results are still not fully uploaded. Many which were had been altered and differ from those captured on camera at polling stations. Nevertheless, INEC went on to declare the ruling party candidate president-elect.

INEC subsequently requested a week’s postponement for the gubernatorial and state elections to fix the problems of electronic transmission, yet these issues persisted. The elections were also marred by violence, with over 20 people killed, and severe voter intimidation. Lagos state in particular saw deliberate attacks and suppression of voters who were, or were assumed to be, of Igbo ethnicity, with many attacked even in their homes following ethnicity-laced rhetoric – which continues.  

Nigeria’s opposition parties are challenging the irregularities, including by questioning the eligibility of the president-elect and vice president-elect, given the former’s drug trafficking conviction in the US, and the latter’s alleged breach of electoral guidelines. Additionally, peaceful protests by youth in the capital, Abuja, and women in Nasarawa state are ongoing.

These elections come as Nigeria appears on the brink of failed statehood. Despite a deep sense of disappointment, particularly among the youth, many remain determined that the will of the people will not be subverted, and maintain a deep sense of faith and hope for change:

‘God is at work here. …We are taking back our country from the teeth of the Leviathan. This election is for us, and we should not allow it to slip.’

Let us continue believing for a restoration of the nation’s fortunes. 

Thank you for your prayers – and please keep interceding for Nigeria. The CSW-Nigeria team has assured us they have felt the strength and peace of God at this time. 


Take a few minutes as a church, small group or in a prayer meeting, to pray for Nigeria. 


Share one of our Bible verses or prayer graphics on social media – find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Simply share one of our posts or tweets to encourage others to pray.


We’re using Psalm 10 and Psalm 13 as our anchor scriptures to pray over the nation of Nigeria at this time.

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