Helen Berhane at Pursue Justice

What a day we had at Pursue Justice conference! It was so amazing to worship and pray with so many of you, as well as share what we’re doing to advance religious freedom around the world. See if you can spot yourself in the video below!


Helen BerhaneKeynote Speaker: Helen Berhane

 Helen is an Eritrean gospel singer whose story is challenging, inspiring, and deeply moving. She was arrested in a 2003 raid on a house where she was teaching young Christians. Beaten and imprisoned, she spent 32 months in a shipping container without adequate ventilation, light, sanitation or food. While in prison Helen was  regularly tortured, and a severe and sustained assault by a prison guard almost killed her and left her unable to walk. Helen was released in November 2006 and escaped to Sudan, where she had to keep a low profile. She was finally granted asylum in Denmark, where she recovered from her injuries. 


Sarah Snyder

Seminar Speaker: Sarah Snyder

 Sarah Snyder is the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Advisor for Reconciliation. This role has a particular emphasis on supporting the Anglican Church in contexts of violent conflict or post-conflict and helping the Church to be an agent of reconciliation and conflict-transformation.

A theologian who specialises in Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations, Sarah brings wide-ranging international experience of peace-building and dialogue. She has worked for many years to promote faith-based reconciliation, most recently as Director of Partnerships with Religions for Peace International, an organisation affiliated to the United Nations. A trained mediator, she has experience both of working with communities and with senior religious leaders.

Brian HeasleySeminar Speaker: Brian Heasley

Brian Heasley is International Prayer Director for 24-7 Prayer and has been part of the prayer movement since it began. Brian is a gifted communicator with passion for prayer, mission and justice. He is married to Tracy and has two teenage sons. The family live in Norfolk and are involved in a Christian community there. Brian’s other passions are Liverpool football club, tapas and photography.

Tun Khin Pursue Justice 2017Seminar Speaker: Tun Khin

Tun Khin is one of the world’s leading experts on the Rohingya people and is recognized for his ability to connect directly with informed contacts on the ground in Arakan State and in Bangladesh. As President of The Burmese Rohingya Organisation United Kingdom, in addition to participating in multiple television news and profile interviews, Tun Khin has briefed officials on the continuing human rights violations committed against Rohingya populations at the US Congress and State Department, British Parliament, Swedish Parliament, European Union Parliament and Commission, the UN Indigenous Forum in NY, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, and the UN Human Rights Council. In early 2015, Tun Khin was selected to receive the prestigious Richard C. Holbrooke award for leadership from Refugees International.

Seng PangSeminar Speaker: Seng Pan 

Seng Pan is a Kachin activist and one of the trustees of Kachin Relief fund which is a non-profit charity organization helping the Kachin displaced people and Kachin livelihood in Burma. Seng Pan has been involved in campaigning for the democracy in Burma and raising awareness of human rights situations in Burma. She has delivered thousands of the signatures campaign letters to the Downing Street and FCO and acted as a spokesperson for the Kachin National organization-UK which is the exiled political organization, working for Kachin equal rights, freedom and self-determination.

Seminar Speaker: Kyaw Win

Kyaw Win is a human rights activist, born and brought up in Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar). In 2014 Kyaw Win founded the Burma Human Rights Network (BHRN) in London. In his position as Executive Director of BHRN he leads several different teams inside of Myanmar who are documenting human rights violations, breaches of religious freedom and the spread of hate speech and anti-Muslim violence. BHRN is operating throughout Myanmar including in Rakhine State, where rights violations are most egregious. BHRN publishes press releases, reports and statements on developing situations while using an experienced and trusted ground network to ensure reliable information that helps raise awareness of the persecution of the Rohingya People.

Lou Fellingham Worship Leader: Lou Fellingham

Lou is an internationally known worship leader, five albums in to a firmly-established ministry. She is known for her prophetic edge, distinctive voice, and unwavering energy to see lives changed through the power of the gospel in music and word. 

You'll also have the opportunity to hear from our expert Senior Advocacy Team Leaders in their special Q&A seminar. We'll have the CSW exhibition area open throughout the day so that you can also meet our staff, hear more about our work and learn how you get involved. 


Seminar titles

What does it really take to change a nation?
Our inspiring panel of Burma experts will share their perspective of working for change in Burma. You’ll find out how they’ve kept going, campaigning for justice and social change in Burma even when nothing changes, or when the world seems to have forgotten. Join Ben Rogers, Tun Khin, Seng Pan and Kyaw Win to find out what it really takes to stand in the gap.

Pursuing justice with forgiveness:
Do justice and forgiveness really fit together? Aren’t we just supposed to forgive and forget? The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Advisor for Reconciliation, Sarah Snyder will theologically and practically unpack what it looks like to forgive and yet still pursue justice in this thoughtful and challenging seminar. 

Interactive prayer and worship:
Join Worship Leader, Lou Fellingham and National Director of 24-7 Prayer, Brian Heasley, as they take you through a time of prayer, worship and reflection. Be inspired to pray the big prayers and keep asking our great God for much-needed change. 

Q&A with special guest Helen Berhane:
Hear more of Helen’s incredible story and find out what life is like for those living in Eritrea today. Joining Helen will be our Team Leader for Africa and the Middle East, Dr Khataza Gondwe. 

From pastor to prisoner: 
Join this exclusive interview with our special Chinese guest to hear what’s happening behind the headlines in China. You’ll hear stories from the ground and accounts of what China is like for religious minorities and human rights defenders today.