There are strong indications that acts of genocide may have been committed in Syria and Iraq. Civilians have been massacred and people have been targeted simply because of their religion or ethnicity. 

If this is true, governments are legally obliged to act – but only once the UN has investigated and ruled that this is indeed genocide. We can help make that investigation happen and compel the world to act. 

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Why is an investigation important?
If UN-appointed experts conclude that genocide is being committed – according to the legal definition of genocide – then UN member states have a duty to take the necessary actions to prevent further acts of genocide, and to prosecute the perpetrators. 

Is there evidence for genocide?
There are strong indications that acts of genocide may have occurred in Syria and Iraq. This includes assassination of faith leaders, mass murders, torture, sexual enslavement and systematic rape. But while most would agree that Daesh (Islamic State) have committed genocide against Iraq’s Yazidi community, there is still a debate about whether Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities have experienced genocide in either Syria or Iraq. The debate continues even though the European Parliament and US State Department have described Daesh’s crimes as genocide and many MPs and Lords have called for this declaration by the UK. 

Why does genocide need to be investigated if many world leaders already call it that?
The truth is that merely calling it genocide won’t change anything. In 2004, US Secretary of State Colin Powell and President Bush said the killings in Darfur constituted genocide and twelve years on, there’s been no effective international response. 

A definitive, legal, UN declaration of genocide would end the debate and compel the world to take action. 

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