Why Advocacy?

CSW engages in advocacy as it has proven to be an effective method for addressing international violations of freedom of religion or belief (FoRB).  Through advocacy work we are also able to encourage the development of the sort of societies and communities that allow for FoRB to really flourish.

CSW’s advocacy work focuses on the protection and enjoyment of FoRB for all people. 

Our advocacy values and principles

In our advocacy, we aim to be:

For whom? 

CSW seeks to promote freedom of religion or belief which is upheld in article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. While we focus on issues faced by Christians of all denominations and backgrounds, we believe that it is fundamental from a moral, biblical and human rights perspective to promote freedom of religion or belief, including the right not to believe, of all individuals, regardless of their religious or philosophical conviction. Where Christians face intolerance, there are often patterns of systemic, wider-scale discrimination on grounds of religion or belief affecting other groups and individuals in a society as well. We cannot address one part of the problem only; instead, we aim to be as comprehensive as possible in the given remit of our work.     

To whom? 

Our advocacy targets consist of two main categories. Firstly, those who violate freedom of religion or belief, and secondly, those who can use their leverage to influence those who violate freedom of religion or belief. We address:

What we bring: 

CSW is one of the few organisations which offer the following combination of competence and expertise:

Given our unique position to influence a variety of situations CSW has seen a number of short and longer term successes over recent years.  We will continue to work hard, and to innovate in our advocacy work to ensure that see even greater success in years to come.

Download our latest Annual Report to see some recent results of CSW’s advocacy work.