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Prayer Diary India

27 Aug 2017

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world and yet, despite the guarantees in its constitution protecting freedom of religion or belief, Christians and Muslims are still being attacked by Hindu nationalists. It’s an increasingly worrying situation: but we know God will answer our prayers powerfully.

  • Sunday 27 August

Since the current government came into power, it’s been much harder to be a Christian, Muslim, or any religion other than Hindu. Incidents of harassment and violence have risen sharply, and often go unpunished: pray that God would give courage and endurance to religious minorities today.

  • Monday 28 August

On this day nine years ago in Kandhamal district, Odisha State, Hindu fundamentalists led a campaign of violence against Christians that left at least 90 people dead, forced thousands to flee, and destroyed many homes and churches. Almost a decade later, many of the survivors have yet to receive justice or compensation. Pray that our God of justice would grant it to them today.

  • Tuesday 29 August

On Palm Sunday this year, Christian gatherings in six states came under attack. Services and prayer meetings were interrupted and, in some cases, pastors were arrested. Please ask God to protect these congregations today.

  • Wednesday 30 August

These attacks followed another incident in April when members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini (Hindu Youth Army) attacked a church during their prayer meeting. Pray for the congregation’s emotional healing from this traumatic experience.

  • Thursday 31 August

The Dalit people are India’s lowest caste – a form of social class that affects their employment, social status, and many other aspects of life. If a Dalit converts to Christianity, they lose the official ‘Scheduled Caste’ status that benefits them in job applications, among other things. Today, pray that the Indian government would no longer link caste with religion, so that Dalits do not suffer further when they become Christians.

  • Friday 1 September

Pastor Anjoman Abraham’s home was surrounded by a Hindu nationalist mob on 19 May. They shouted abuse and threatened to destroy his church: eventually, the police had to take Pastor Abraham into custody for his own safety. Please ask God to protect him and his family.

  • Saturday 2 September

Loving heavenly Father, we bring the nation of India to you in prayer. We especially remember those survivors of religiously-motivated attacks where the perpetrators have not been prosecuted. Comfort the survivors and deliver them justice swiftly, Lord. Amen.




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