31 Mar 2013

Omar and Kenia Gude Perez, along with their children, have arrived safely in the USA. It's been an incredible journey for them. 

Omar, a leader of a fast-growing charismatic church movement, was sentenced to six and a half years in prison back in 2008. The trumpedup charges against him were an attempt to disguise the government's efforts to silence his outspokenness on persecution.

The US Government had granted the family asylum in July 2011, after Omar was barred from working as a church leader. However, the Cuban Government refused to let the whole family leave the country together for another year and a half. The wait has been traumatic for the whole family, but now, finally, they have a new start.

This week please:

  • On Easter Sunday, thank God for the new life he has graciously given to Omar, Kenia and their children,
  • Pray that the family would settle quickly into their new life in the USA, and would feel at home in their new church community,
  • Pray that God would bring opportunities for them to continue working for religious freedom in Cuba, even though they're no longer in the country.

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