About CSW

CSW's specialist team of advocates work on over 20 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, to ensure everyone's right to freedom of religion or belief is defended, protected and promoted. 

Our vision is a world free from religious persecution, where everyone has the right to practise their religion or belief freely. 

We believe everyone has the right to practise a religion or belief of their choice. 

Our right to freedom of religion or belief is our ‘first freedom’: it is the first freedom given to humanity by God. It’s a touchstone human right which is often used as a ‘litmus test’ for whether other human rights are likely being abused. 

It's a right we must protect, defend and restore. 

We're working to challenge and change the laws, behaviours and policies which lead to abuses of the right to freedom of religion and belief. We have over three decades of experience advocating for freedom of religion or belief with politicians around the world.

We gather evidence and document abuses

Our teams regularly visit the countries we’re working on to gather first-hand evidence of violations of the right to freedom or religion or belief. Our research and analysis is used by politicians, policy-makers and international institutions around the world. 

Decision-makers at the UK parliament, United Nations, European Union and US Congress turn to us to provide them with accurate reports on the state of religious freedom around the world. We’re known for putting across a balanced view of each situation, without exaggeration. 

We train, equip and empower

We believe that to bring lasting change we need to work with activists, journalists, religious leaders and partner NGOs in the countries on which we focus. 

It’s a priority for us to do all we can to equip and build up networks of partners and communities who stand up for their freedom, while we work with them to echo their voice on the international stage.

We enable policy-makers to stand up for FoRB

We challenge, encourage and equip those in positions of power, whose policies or actions affect the oppressed, to bring about change. We regularly work with the UK and US governments, the European Union and other regional bodies, and work extensively at the United Nations. 

We are the only advocacy organisation specialising in freedom of religion or belief with UN accreditation, which gives us a unique opportunity on the international stage.

WeWe believe we can all play a part in campaigning for freedom of religion or belief.

We encourage our supporters to: 


Pastor Onel in Cuba told us he is very thankful for the support he received and emailed to say, 

“to pass on his appreciation and gratitude to the community for the words of encouragement received by postcard.”


“I am now with my children and my family, they are happy, some are crying. They can’t believe it!” 

Rev Hassan, the day he was set free after a year and a half in prison in Sudan


"We are so glad and have no words to express gratitude for the support, prayer and love...On behalf of us all I would like to say thank you from the core of my heart."

Nepali Christian unjustly imprisoned for attempting to convert children to Christianity.  

We have Christian values at our heart

As an organisation we are proud of our Christian heritage, identity and values: They are the foundations in all we do. This means that we believe in the power of prayer to transform situations, and we encourage our supporters to join us in praying for the cases and issues we work on.

#2 CSW manifesto

We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs