Prayer Diary - Mario and Yoaxis

5 Jun 2016

Mario Felix Lleonart Barroso is a Baptist pastor in Cuba and a prominent human rights activist. Together with his wife, Yoaxis Marcheco Suarez (who is herself a dedicated blogger and activist), he has fought tirelessly for religious freedom in Cuba, which has brought him to the attention of the authorities on the island.

Recently, Mario Felix spent three days in prison and his family was put under surveillance. He had gone outside of his house in protest after state officials surrounded it ahead of President Obama’s visit to Cuba, stating ‘my home is not a prison’. Though he’s back with his family, Mario Felix remains at risk due to his courageous commitment to freedom in Cuba.

This week please pray:

  • For safety for Mario Felix, Yoaxis and their two young daughters;
  • That they would not face further harassment from authorities;
  • That the Cuban government would no longer see Christians as a threat;
  • For the emotional wellbeing of Mario and Yoaxis’ daughters, who are being targeted at school because of their parents’ work;
  • For protection for other church leaders who speak up for human rights in Cuba;
  • Thanking God for the determination and bravery of Mario Felix and Yoaxis;
  • For courage and perseverance for Mario Felix, Yoaxis, their family, and all the other church leaders and activists who defend human rights in Cuba.

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