Prayer Diary Victims of Forced Disappearance

28 Aug 2016

This week the UN marks its International Day for Victims of Forced Disappearance. Forced disappearance is one of the most tragic ways in which someone can be targeted because of their beliefs. Because they have dropped off the grid, the most unspeakable things can happen to them, while their families are kept in suspense for months or even years.

  • Sunday 28 August

Since last summer at least 236 human rights lawyers/activists or their staff and family members have been detained, questioned or forcibly disappeared. Their only crime was attempting to protect the rights of Chinese citizens. Please pray for these disappeared lawyers today. 

  • Monday 29 August

Also in China, Father Yang Jianwei went missing in April, the third Catholic priest to disappear that month. He is a member of an ‘underground’ Catholic community in China that’s not officially recognised by the government. Today, let’s pray for Father Jianwei and his congregation.

  • Tuesday 30 August

Today, the International Day for the Victims of Enforced Disappearance, please join us in praying for the UN. Please pray for wisdom and protection for all UN officials investigating those who have been disappeared.

  • Wednesday 31 August

Religious leaders in Mexico are frequently kidnapped and disappeared. Since 2012, for example, six Roman Catholic priests have been killed and three others have been the victims of forced disappearances. Today, please pray for protection for church leaders in Mexico.

  • Thursday 1 September

In Colombia, religious leaders are often forcibly disappeared when they don’t cooperate with the armed groups that run large parts of the country. It’s currently too risky to publicise the names of church leaders under threat in Colombia but please remember them in your prayers today.

  • Friday 2 September

In Pakistan, young girls are abducted, forcibly married and converted to Islam (much like the similar situation in Nigeria). Please pray that these girls would be returned home soon, and that God would protect them in this dangerous situation. 

  • Saturday 3 September

Lord, today we pray for all those who have been forcibly disappeared. Though they have vanished from the eyes of the world, they are known to you and we ask you to protect them and return them safely to their families soon. Amen.

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