Prayer Diary North Korea

4 Sep 2016

North Korea remains the most isolated, repressive, and closed off regime in the world with one of the worst records for human rights. It is a country that desperately needs our prayer so this week, let's focus on North Korea.

  • Sunday 4 September

Thousands of North Korean citizens are imprisoned in prison camps across the country, enduring horrific conditions. Pray that North Korea would end its use of abusive and violent political prison camps.

  • Monday 5 September

There is no religious freedom in North Korea and religious believers face severe persecution. Many Christians keep their faith hidden, and secret Christians are believe to meet secretly in small groups. Join us in praying that one day freedom would be restored to North Korea.

  • Tuesday 6 September

North Korea is ruled by a dictatorship which portrays itself as a deity, demanding complete obedience from its citizens. Pray that this dictatorship would be replaced by democracy and freedom. 

  • Wednesday 7 September

Today, we’re praying that the Chinese government would engage constructively with North Korea to bring about democratic change. Please also pray that China would stop returning North Korean refugees to face the regime they fled.

  • Thursday 8 September

A UN Commission of Inquiry on North Korea concluded that the North Korean regime has committed crimes against humanity against the North Korean people. Please pray that the recommendations of the Inquiry would be put into action. 

  • Friday 9 September

Today, please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for all those who are working with the international community to bring about freedom and justice to North Korea.

  • Saturday 10 September

Dear God, though sometimes it seems that change in North Korea is impossible, we know that you are able to do so much more than we could ever ask or imagine. Move powerfully in North Korea, O God, and please bring about change for all its people. Amen.

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