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Human Rights in China by Gao Zhisheng

16 Oct 2017

While immersed in drafting a Constitution for China, I set aside some time to write a report on Chinas human rights in 2016, only to find that this project is constrained to a great extent by the Chinese characteristics of my current situation: blockage of my social media accounts whenever I attempt to use them, and no freedom to communicate with the outside world. Not long ago, the authorities said to my family, President Xi Jinping is minding some troublesome business now and once he gets that done, he will have time to deal with Gao. Gao has caused some big trouble. (By that, they referred to the Constitution Im drafting for China.) Therefore, I don't know how much time I will have to write this report. This report is based on information disclosed to me by a petitioner in dark nights and the information is colored by the petitioner’s mindset, knowledgebase, discernment and various other factors, and hence may not be thorough and precise. Due to time constraints and my inadequacy, I apologize that this report may appear more like a list of human rights violations than a report.

Read the report in full (pdf)



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