Prayer Diary Michelle Chaudhry

26 Mar 2017

We’ve already mentioned the inspirational Michelle Chaudhry, CSW’s partner in Pakistan, but this week let’s pray specifically for Michelle and the work she does for religious minorities in Pakistan.

  • 26 March

Give thanks for Michelle and the work she does in Pakistan through the Cecil and Iris Chaudhry Foundation. Pray that God would continue to protect her and grant her perseverance and strength.

  • 27 March

Please pray for the Cecil and Iris Chaudhry Foundation, which seeks to help minorities in Pakistan and promote interfaith harmony. Pray that God would provide for their vital work and bless it greatly.

  • 28 March

Let’s take today to pray for Michelle’s brother, Cecil Chaudhry Jr, who like his sister is a tireless advocate for human rights and religious freedom in Pakistan.

  • 29 March

One of the issues Michelle works on is that of forced marriage. Christian and Hindu girls are abducted by Muslim men and forced to marry against their will: once this happens, they automatically become Muslim. We heard the heartbreaking story of Kiran, who is just 13 and married to a stranger. She may never see her family again. Please pray for Kiran and all the girls like her today.

  • 30 March

This work with minorities addresses a huge problem in Pakistan: religion is connected to national identity, so people who belong to minority faiths – Christians, Shia Muslims, Ahmadi Muslims, and Hindus – are often a target for violence, discrimination and harassment. Please pray for these vulnerable groups today.

  • 31 March

Children in Pakistan are often taught things in school that are biased or inaccurate, as a result of a curriculum that is biased against religious minorities. This it teaches communities to be divided against each other from a very early age. Today, please pray that this would change, and that children in Pakistan would be able to have an unbiased education.

  • 1 April 

God, today we thank you for Michelle Chaudhry and all the work she does in Pakistan. Thank you for her heart for justice, and we pray that you will bless all she does to advance the cause of minorities in Pakistan. Amen.

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