Prayer diary Cuba

16 Apr 2017

Our recent report on Cuba highlighted again that theres more to this island country than paradise beaches and classic cars. Weve gathered stories of everyday life on the island that show what its like to live under the oppressive rule of Cubas communist government. From their lives come stories of threats of eviction, harassment, imprisonment, beatings and unfair criminal charges.

  • 16 April

Today, go to our our Untold Cuba photo story (or look at the centre spread in Response) and read through the stories we collected. Pray for the people in the photos and those we name.

  • 17 April

Reverend Juan Carlos Núñez Velázquez has been ordered to leave his job as a church leader and find work for the state or face going to prison. It’s a heartbreaking and totally unjust choice – Juan Carlos loves leading his church – so please pray for him as he considers his next move.

  • 18 April

Yiorvis Bravo Denis is another church leader. The government is threatening to evict him from his home, which is also his church. He’s had government agents surround his house and throw stones at it. Pray today for Yiorvis to stay strong, and for peace and comfort for his family.

  • 19 April

For our new report we spoke to some of the Ladies in White, peaceful protestors who attend Mass dressed in white to symbolise peace. They are jailed and often beaten in an attempt to stop them attending Mass. Please pray for them today.

  • 20 April

Pastor Fran Iron Pupo’s church was visited last December by state security officials who threatened to get neighbours together to ‘break’ the church. Ask God to protect Pastor Fran and his congregation.

  • 21 April

Please pray for protection for Dagoberto Valdes Hernandez, who founded and edits a Catholic magazine: he’s been extensively interrogated by officials at least three times, as an intimidation tactic.

  • 22 April

Heavenly Father, today we pray for all those in Cuba who live out their faith despite the risks from the government. Protect them, we pray, fill them with courage, and give them safe places to worship. Amen.

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