Prayer diary CSW at the UN

13 Aug 2017

On 19 April this year, CSW finally received UN accreditation after eight years of campaigning! Thank you so much for praying so faithfully for our application over so many years. This is an amazing blessing that will really benefit our work for freedom of religion or belief: not just at the UN but all over the world.

  • Sunday 13 August

We were so thrilled to get official UN accreditation – known as ECOSOC Consultative Status. Please thank God for this breakthrough after eight years, more than 80 questions, 28 votes in favour, 30 signatories to a letter of  support, countless hours of lobbying, and a decade of persistent prayer.

  • Monday 14 August

Before the vote at the ECOSOC meeting in April, the representatives of the UK, US, Estonia (on behalf of the EU), Norway and Australia all made statements supporting our work. This was such a powerful expression of the importance of civil society such as CSW having access to the UN, and really encouraging for us! Join us in thanking God for their support.

  • Tuesday 15 August

Sini Maria, our Public Affairs Team Leader, is keen to emphasise that our accreditation isn’t just a victory for CSW, but also a significant opportunity for freedom of religion or belief to be furthered at the UN. Please pray that this would be the beginning of a big leap forward in developing human rights work at the UN.

  • Wednesday 16 August

This success wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated work of our Public Affairs team, who have been working on our application for almost a decade. Please ask God to bless them and their work today.

  • Thursday 17 August

Now that CSW has UN accreditation, we’ll be able to do things such as hold our own events alongside the formal UN sessions. These events aren’t part of official UN proceedings, but are a vital opportunity for CSW to meet UN delegates and present our research directly to them. Ask God to give us wisdom in using these opportunities, and to make them fruitful.

  • Friday 18 August

Today, please pray for an increased role for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as CSW at the UN, and openness on the part of UN members to listen to and act on the recommendations of NGOs.

  • Saturday 19 August

Father God, you are so amazing! Thank you for answering our prayers for UN accreditation. Grant us wisdom as we use our new status at the UN, and please continue to bless us with many opportunities to work for freedom of religion or belief. Amen.

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