Prayer Diary Burma

21 Jan 2018

We’re so grateful for your continued prayers for freedom and democracy in Burma. Last year Rakhine State exploded in violence as the Burma Army began to attack the Rohingya, a mostly Muslim ethnic group that the Burmese government refuses to recognise as citizens. This means that they have almost no rights, and the attacks against them have escalated into horrific proportions, with thousands shot and killed and many more forced from their homes. The Rohingya badly need your prayers this week.

  • Sunday 21 January

Today, please pray for an end to the violence, rape and destruction in Rakhine State; pray for a dramatic change of heart and mind in the government, army and wider society towards the Rohingyas, that they would recognise their humanity and citizenship, end the persecution and bring the perpetrators of crimes against humanity to justice.

  • Monday 22 January

“The Rohingya are relying on the international community; the EU must not let them down.” This is from a statement made by our Europe Team Leader, Dr Susan Kerr, in November following our call on the EU to put pressure on Burma to end the crisis. A strong international condemnation is needed to bring about change: pray for this today.

  • Tuesday 23 January

Restrictions on humanitarian aid to displaced people in Rakhine State is only making the situation worse: government blocks are denying the people the food, aid and shelter they badly need. Pray that these restrictions would be lifted soon.

  • Wednesday 24 January

As terrible as the situation in Burma is, we know that our supporters have been campaigning faithfully for change, sometimes for many years. Thank you so much for your hard work: today, thank God for the progress we’ve seen towards freedom and justice in Burma, and for further change to come.

  • Thursday 25 January

The Rohingya aren’t the only ones facing discrimination and death: the Kachin, Shan, Karen and other ethnic groups are also the target of violence and human rights abuses. Pray that they, too, would receive divine justice and protection. 

  • Friday 26 January

Today, please pray for Dumdaw Nawng Lat and Langjaw Gam Seng, two Kachin Christians who were given unjust prison sentences in October 2017. In 2016 they guided journalists around a Catholic church that had reportedly been bombed by the military. Pray these men would be released soon, and that the charges against them would be dismissed.

  • Saturday 27 January

God of justice and peace, today we lift the crisis in Burma to you and ask that you spread your peace over Rakhine State. Still the violence, we pray, bring healing to those who have been wounded and provide shelter, food and aid to everyone who needs it. Amen.

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