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Prayer Diary China

29 Oct 2017

Alim’s story is heartbreaking. Imprisoned solely because of his faith, according to the UN, he’s a Chinese Christian who has now served eight years of his 15-year prison sentence. And his story isn’t unique. Across the country thousands of people from religious minorities experience discrimination, harassment, imprisonment or worse. What’s more, since the 2015 government crackdown on human rights defenders, hundreds of lawyers and their family members have been detained or reported missing.

  • Sunday 29 October

Eight years into his unjust sentence, Alim has another seven years to serve. We can only imagine what he’s going through. Pray that God will bless him with supernatural endurance, provide him with divine opportunities to be Jesus to the inmates and prison guards, and give him fresh blessing as he holds onto his faith in the midst of this wilderness.

  • Monday 30 October

Last month the government released amends to legislation which will give the state even more control over religious activities. It treats religion as something which has to be controlled, rather than a free choice; and as a potential threat to national security. Pray that this legislation will be repealed or amended.

  • Tuesday 31 October

Zhang Xiuhong was released on probation on 7 August, after spending over two years in detention. In July 2015 the former deacon of Living Stone Church was stopped and hauled from her car. Zhang was subsequently charged with ‘illegal business operations’. Thank God for her release, even though she is under some restrictions.

  • Wednesday 1 November

“My father is barely alive.” The daughter of Pastor Zhang Shaojie has reported that her father has suffered extreme physical and mental torture in prison. Pastor Zhang is three years into a 12-year prison sentence on charges including ‘gathering a crowd to disturb public order’. Pray urgently that the torture would cease, and that he would be given medical attention.

  • Thursday 2 November

Christian human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng (pictured) went missing in mid-August, while under house arrest. He’s in custody in Beijing, but we don’t know if he’s been charged with any crime. The outspoken activist has been ‘disappeared’, imprisoned and tortured many times, as the government attempts to silence him. Please pray that Gao will return home safely very soon, and that in the meantime God will bless his family with peace.

  • Friday 3 November

“Please pray for our church. We have been scattered. Pray for our future. Pray we can gather together.” This is what one of the members of Living Stone Church told us in August. The church has experienced increasing government harassment over the past few years, and almost all the church members have been pressurised to leave the church. Pray that God would strengthen and encourage them.

  • Saturday 4 November

Lord of Heaven’s Armies, today we lift the nation of China to you. Please watch over those whose faith makes them a target for harassment, imprisonment or torture by the authorities; please return home safely those who are missing. Protect those who put themselves in danger to protest injustice, we pray, and bring lasting change to China. Amen.




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