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Prayer Diary Cuba

8 Oct 2017

Though the popular perception of the island of Cuba can be of a sunny holiday destination, in reality many ordinary Christians of all denominations face harsh restrictions on their worship and everyday life, because of what they believe. Please join us in praying for them this week.

  • Sunday 8 October

Félix Yuniel Llerena López is a student and religious freedom activist who was expelled from university following a visit to the US to raise religious freedom concerns with US government institutions and Congressional staffers. He also visited the US with CSW to give evidence in Congress. Please pray that he would soon be able to resume his education.

  • Monday 9 October

The Ladies in White are a tremendously brave group of female human rights activists, who every Sunday peacefully protest the imprisonment of human rights defenders. For this, they are blocked from attending religious activities including Mass, put under house arrest, interrogated and even beaten. Pray that God would grant them renewed courage and endurance.

  • Tuesday 10 October

CSW is privileged to work with many Cubans just like Félix who are dedicated to the peaceful promotion of human rights, dialogue, religious freedom and an inclusive society. These people include Catholic lay leader Dagoberto Valdes Hernandez, and Lady in White Maylen González González. We’re so grateful for their courage, determination and wisdom. Join us today in asking God to watch over them and their colleagues as they carry out their vital work.

  • Wednesday 11 October

Many churches from all denominations face restrictions and harassment – their buildings are sometimes even seized by the government and demolished. We know that God is capable of providing a safe place for his people to worship: ask him to do this for his people in Cuba today.

  • Thursday 12 October

Today please pray for Reverend Juan Carlos Núñez Velázquez, a leader in the Apostolic Movement, who is currently serving a one year sentence of house arrest on trumped up charges. The government has refused to allow the Apostolic Movement to register and has targeted its leaders in an effort to stop their rapid growth. Reverend Núñez Velázquez’s appeal against the sentence was rejected. Please pray for him and the members of his church who currently have nowhere to meet legally.

  • Friday 13 October

Please pray for two Baptist pastors in the cities of Havana and Santiago who have both been the target of government harassment over the past decade, likely because the churches they have led have experienced rapid growth. Ask God to give them wisdom as they deal with aggressive government officials, including the secret police, and to protect them, their families and the churches they lead.

  • Saturday 14 October

Father God, today we pray for all those in Cuba who are facing harassment and intimidation – and even prison – because of their faith. We know that you are a God who loves justice and sets captives free: move powerfully in Cuba to do this, we pray. Amen.




#2 CSW manifesto

We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs