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Prayer Diary: Sudan

17 Dec 2017

Sudan is an extremely difficult place to be a Christian: the government wants the country to be ‘100% Islamic’, and is using a variety of tactics to suppress other faiths. Christians often face harassment and violence for practising their faith peacefully, and are actively obstructed by the government. 

  • Sunday 17 December

You may remember when Reverend Hassan Abduraheem and Reverend Kuwa Shamal were released earlier this year, after being unjustly imprisoned. They are leaders in the Sudanese Church of Christ (SCOC), a denomination which has faced repeated harassment by the government. Two of their church buildings were demolished in May: pray that God would provide places of worship for them.

  • Monday 18 December

The illegal sale and seizure of church property is an increasing problem. In May, an elder of the Sudan Evangelical Presbyterian Church (SEPC) in Omdurman was arrested while peacefully protesting against the unauthorised sale of church land. Pray God’s protection over churches and their property.

  • Tuesday 19 December

God has answered prayer amazingly over the last few years! Today, join us in giving thanks again for the release from prison of Reverend Hassan Abduraheem and activist Mr Abdulmonem Abdulmawla, after a huge wave of campaigning and prayer from supporters like you.

  • Wednesday 20 December

It’s not just church property that is under threat in Sudan: church leaders also regularly experience harassment and intimidation from government officials. In April this year Reverend Yahia Nalou of the SEPC was evicted from his Synod office by an illegally-convened but government-sanctioned church committee. In August he was arrested and charged with trespass for allegedly entering his own office. Reverend Yahia denies the charges: pray that the case against him would be dismissed.

  • Thursday 21 December

The case against Reverend Yahia was brought by a government-backed committee that’s trying to seize control of his church: everyday administration has become a constant battle, and this committee has even sold church buildings off to private investors. Pray that the church’s legitimate committee would be recognised so that they are able to assert their rightful authority and keep control of church affairs.

  • Friday 22 December

‘May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.’ Romans 15:13. Pray this verse over the Church in Sudan today.

  • Saturday 23 December

Lord, we bring Sudan to you again in prayer, particularly the churches that are under so much pressure and are even being demolished. Protect your people we pray, and watch over those who lead them, granting them wisdom, endurance, courage and safety despite the dangers they face. Amen.




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