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Prayer Diary Mexico

24 Dec 2017

This week, we’re praying for Mexico, where communities are often split along religious lines. Majority Catholic communities use harsh measures to try to force Protestants living among them to conform to the majority. But it’s not just Protestants who are under threat: Mexico is also the most dangerous country in the world to be a Catholic priest.

  • Sunday 24 December

It’s become incredibly dangerous for priests to carry out their work: since 2012, at least 18 Roman Catholic priests and three catechists have been murdered by violent criminal groups. The Roman Catholic Church has listed Mexico as the most dangerous place in the world for priests, for eight consecutive years. Today, please pray God’s protection over priests in Mexico as they carry out their duties.

  • Monday 25 December

On Christmas Day, please pray for Christians who have nowhere to celebrate one of the most important festivals in the Christian calendar because local authorities have closed their churches. Pray they they’d be able to find somewhere celebrate the birth of Christ, safely, peacefully and joyfully. 

  • Tuesday 26 December

“We have tried to explain the law to him [the community leader], but he says that he doesn’t respect any law.” This is the reality for the Protestant Christians in the village of Rancho Nuevo, who have been facing problems ever since they refused to sign a document declaring their allegiance to Roman Catholicism. They’ve been prohibited from burying their dead in the community graveyard, and the local authorities are reportedly trying to stop them accessing social care. Pray that their rights as community members would be restored. 

  • Wednesday 27 December

Rancho Nuevo is just one example of a group excluded from their community because they’re Protestant and the rest of the village is Catholic. In some cases they lose access to clean water and electricity, or are harassed, intimidated and even driven out of their homes. Today, please pray for a spirit of tolerance and peaceful co-existence in these communities.

  • Thursday 28 December

It’s particularly tragic when children are stopped from going to school just because their parents follow a different religion to the rest of the community. If the situation worsens to the stage where they’re forced to leave their homes, this disrupts the children’s education even more. Pray that all Mexican children would have access to education no matter their faith or their parents’ faith.

  • Friday 29 December

Many of these cases worsen because the local government is slow to act on behalf of the Protestant communities, and the harsh discrimination against them goes unpunished. Today, pray that the local government would react quickly in these cases and that justice would be served.

  • Saturday 30 December

Father God, we bring to you all those in Mexico who are cast out from their communities simply because of what they believe. Bring peace where there is division and justice where there is none, we pray. Amen. 




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