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Prayer diary: Ladan

19 Mar 2017

This week marks Nowruz, Persian New Year, and in this week’s podcast you’ll hear from Ladan from Iran, who, after converting to Christianity, began to speak about her faith with others. This sustained her through imprisonment and being forced to leave Iran: but she is determined to share the Gospel with them any way she can. Pray for her this week. 

  • 19 March

Let’s start by giving thanks for the release of Pastor Behnam Irani in October 2016, following the completion of his six-year sentence. His unjust imprisonment was marked by repeated beatings, terrible conditions, and poor health brought on by the prison conditions. Please pray for his health as he recovers from his ordeal.

  • 20 March

Today, on Nowruz, let’s pray for all those who are still wrongfully imprisoned in Iran, particularly for religious and ethnic minorities detained because of their faith. Pray that they would be able to face the coming year with courage and hope, and that they would be released before this year is out. 

  • 21 March

Ladan first heard about Christianity in a house church. Please pray for the many house churches that have to operate in secret in Iran: that God would protect them and that one day Iranians of all faiths would be able to worship and share their beliefs freely. 

  • 22 March

Please pray for Fatemeh Tourkkajouri, currently in exile with her husband; she was  convicted in absentia for ‘action against national security’, sentenced to five years’ imprisonment, and is under pressure from the security servies to return to Iran.

  • 23 March

Government harassment is not confined to house church networks and their members; please pray for government-recognised denominations, such as the Assemblies of God and Presbyterians, who  face closure, harassment and the prospect of having their property seized.

  • 24 March

The government also oppresses and imprisons members of the Baha’i, Sunni and Sufi dervish communities.  Iran executes more people per capita than any other country in the world, including a disproportionate number of people belonging to  religious and ethnic minorities.  Please pray for an end to this injustice.

  • 25 March

Father God, today we pray for every prisoner of conscience in Iran, members of minority religious and ethnic communities, journalists, politicians, activists and human rights defenders jailed for peacefully expressing opposing views. As Iran marks Persian New Year, we pray that this year would bring freedom and peace and that Iran would become a country where everyone can worship freely and without fear, regardless of creed or ethnicity. Amen.




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