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Prayer Diary Endurance

30 Apr 2017

In the latest issue of Response, we talked to Pastor Tanka from Nepal about how he perseveres in prayer when change seems a long time coming. Its something Pastor Tanka knows a lot about, through years of working for human rights in his country. Recently he helped the eight Christians in Charikot who were on trial for giving out comic books about Jesus in a school. Though they were eventually released, the trial took a long time: read the full article in Response or online to find out more.

  • 30 April

Thank you to all of you who prayed for Reverend Hassan, Reverend Kuwa, Mr Jašek and Mr Abdumawla during their trial in Sudan. Though Rev Kuwa and Mr Jašek have been released, as we go to print the other two men remain in prison: keep praying that God would grant them freedom soon!

  • 1 May

Today, join us in giving thanks to God for sustaining Pastor Behnam Irani during his imprisonment, especially because during this time he experienced health problems that his friends feared would claim his life. Please pray for healing for Pastor Behnam as he recovers with his family.

  • 2 May

Please pray for Asia Bibi, a Christian in Pakistan who faces the death penalty after being accused of blasphemy. She’s a mother of five, and has been on death row since 2009. Her appeal hearing has been repeatedly delayed and she’s still awaiting a date for her final appeal.

  • 3 May

We know that many of you have been praying faithfully for our work on Eritrea and North Korea for many years. Today, please remember these countries in your prayers once more.

  • 4 May

Long term work brings amazing results! But it’s often exhausting, especially for our advocacy staff who work so hard to bring about change that is slow in coming. Please pray for wisdom, inspiration and endurance for our advocacy team today. 

  • 5 May

Work in international arenas such as the UN and EU is by nature long term and takes a lot of endurance and faithful prayer! Join us today in giving thanks for all that CSW has already achieved, and for everything God has planned for us in the future – however long we have to wait.

  • 6 May

Father God, we know that you are a God who devises plans and sets them out in ways that we sometimes can’t see for a very long time. We pray today that you would grant us faith and endurance to see these situations through until the end. Amen.




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