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Prayer Diary: North Korea

3 Sep 2017

How do you begin to pray for one of the most repressive, infamously brutal and closed off regimes in the world? Sometimes it can seem that praying for North Korea is impossible, given the shocking and widespread human rights violations the government commits against the population. But we believe in a God who can move mountains, part oceans and, even more incredibly, move human hearts. Let’s continue to pray for the people of North Korea this week.

Sunday 3 September

Part of what we do is campaigning for the UN to hold North Korea’s government to account for their crimes against humanity. In March we joined other human rights groups to support two new UN reports into North Korea: pray that these reports would have a significant impact for the country’s future.

  • Monday 4 September

In November 2016 the BBC set up a Korean language service. This could be a vital window into life beyond the regime for many North Koreans: please pray that, as the BBC Korean service approaches its first year anniversary, their broadcasts would reach many North Koreans and increase awareness about human rights.

  • Tuesday 5 September

Some of the punishments Christians in North Korea have suffered when their faith is discovered include torture, being burned to death, or being hung on crosses. Today, please pray for effective measures to be put in place to end this horrific brutality.

  • Wednesday 6 September

Many Christians end up in kwanliso, or prison camps. Conditions in these camps are, as you can imagine, utterly appalling. Please pray that though these Christians may have vanished from the eyes of the world, they would know and feel that God’s presence is with them.

  • Thursday 7 September

Though they have to practise their faith in secret and under the threat of imprisonment, torture and death, we know that there are Christians who cling to their faith despite everything. Thank God for their incredible courage.

  • Friday 8 September

It’s not just Christians who are targeted. Buddhists, followers of shamanistic beliefs, and practitioners of the native Korean religion Cheondoism also face restrictions and discrimination. Please pray for their protection today.

  • Saturday 9 September

Father God, on the anniversary of North Korea’s founding, we ask you to move in power in that country. Hold the government accountable for the shocking way it treats its own people, and protect those who continue to practise their faith in the face of such terrible repression. Amen.




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