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Prayer Diary Cuba

4 Feb 2018

This week we’re focusing our prayers on Cuba. Though the international attitude to the island has shifted over the years, many Christians in Cuba face a daily reality of police visits, pressure from local government authorities, and, if they’re children, bullying at school from both children and teachers just because of their faith. It’s a situation of often almost unbearable pressure: please hold Cuban Christians in your prayers this week.

  • Sunday 4 February

Firstly, thank you for praying for Fếlix Yuniel Llerena López, a religious freedom activist who had false criminal charges brought against him and was barred from leaving the island due to his human rights work. In October 2017 Fếlix was informed that the charges against him had been dropped and he was allowed to travel again: please give thanks for this positive result and pray that Fếlix would now be allowed to carry out his vital work without hindrance.

  • Monday 5 February

We’re also grateful for the news that Pastor Ramon Rigal, who was facing a ban on working as a church leader, has been allowed to resume his position as a pastor. However, he and his family continue to be closely monitored by the government. Please pray for God to protect Pastor Rigal and his family as well as all those who attend his church. 

  • Tuesday 6 February

In 2015 around 2,000 churches linked to the Assemblies Of God (AOG) denomination were declared illegal, and faced closure or demolition. The government verbally rescinded this order in early 2017; however, CSW has continued to receive reports of churches from other denominations across the country facing the threat of closure. Please pray that this would cease and that all would be allowed to worship in peace.

  • Wednesday 7 February

Please pray for the leaders and members of the Apostolic Movement a large, unregistered network of churches who continue to face constant harassment from the government. In late 2017 leaders in Santiago were threatened with arrest and confiscation of land by state security and Communist Party leaders. Members of the local church physically stood in solidarity with their leaders and the authorities backed down. Praise God for the positive impact of solidarity and pray for the harassment of unregistered religious groups to cease. 

  • Thursday 8 February

Our Latin America team doesn’t just work in Cuba: they’re also responsible for CSW’s work in Mexico, Colombia and Chile. It’s a tremendously difficult job that requires an enormous amount of time and effort: today, please pray that God would give our staff the energy and the resources, physical, spiritual and mental, to keep serving effectively.

  • Friday 9 February

A leader from a major registered denomination was interrogated by the police in September 2016, regarding an event he had attended involving a prominent religious figure. He was threatened with the loss of his job as a pastor and his denomination has been pressured to remove him from leadership. The leader was told that he’d be under close observation. Pray that the police would not harass him any further.

  • Saturday 10 February

Lord, thank you for the people that you raise up to serve your Church in Cuba. We pray that you’d grant them endurance, protection, and supernatural resources to face the harassment and intimidation that they deal with every day. Amen.




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