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Prayer Diary Vietnam

26 May 2018

Over the past year CSW has been one of a coalition of organisations working for the release of prisoners of conscience in Vietnam, many of whom have been working against the repeated violations of freedom of religion or belief: harassment, forced evictions, beatings, torture, pressure to recant and detention or imprisonment. For this, they receive excessively harsh treatment by the government.

  • Sunday 27 May

Many of you have been faithfully praying for Nguyen Van Dai, a human rights lawyer who has been detained without trial since December 2015. On 5 April he was sentenced to 15 years in prison, followed by five years of house arrest. Ask God to give strength and courage to Lawyer Dai as he faces the prospect of over a decade in jail.

  • Monday 28 May

Lawyer Dai was one of six defendants in the trial; pastor and activist Nguyen Trung Ton and legal expert Nguyen Bac Truyen were tried with him. Pastor Ton and Mr Truyen were sentenced to 12 years and 11 years in prison respectively. Pray that that the charges against all three men would be dismissed and they’d be unconditionally released

  • Tuesday 29 May

Lawyer Dai’s wife, Vu Minh Khanh, has campaigned tirelessly for his release since he was arrested. Please pray for her and the rest of Lawyer Dai’s family today; asking God to be their comforter and refuge.

  • Wednesday 30 May

When Nguyen Van Dai was arrested, his colleague, Le Thu Ha, was also detained; she has been sentenced to nine years in prison. Today, please bring her before God in prayer and ask that she would also be released soon.

  • Thursday 31 May

In February, six Hoa Hao Buddhists were sentenced to up to six years in prison after they held a peaceful demonstration against the continued suppression of their right to freedom of religion by the government. Today, pray that the charges against them would be dismissed, and they’d be released.

  • Friday 1 June

Today, please pray for the work of CSW’s East Asia team, who take responsibility for defending freedom of religion in Vietnam. Pray that God would equip them with energy, perseverance, and wisdom as they carry out their vital work. Ask God to grant them favour in all they do.

  • Saturday 2 June

Father God we thank you for the courage of human rights defenders in Vietnam. Thank you that despite the risks they take up the cause of freedom. We ask that you would strengthen their efforts today and equip them with every resource they need as they pursue justice for the oppressed.  Amen.




#2 CSW manifesto

We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs