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Prayer Diary Burma

6 May 2018

Despite a fragile transition to democratization, over the past year the situation has worsened dramatically in some parts of the country not only the crisis facing the Rohingyas, but also for the Kachin and Shan peoples. After seven years of opening up, Burma is facing new repression.

  • Sunday 6 May

Burma faces two particularly significant challenges: ending decades of civil war, and addressing widespread religious intolerance. Pray today for an end to decades of conflict and intolerance that have caused suffering for so many people. 

  • Monday 7 May

Today join us as we pray for courage, wisdom, compassion and justice to be at the heart of the government of Burma’s actions. Pray that Aung San Suu Kyi and her ministers will take concrete steps to counter religiously-motivated hate speech, discrimination and violence and promote inter-religious harmony and religious freedom for all.

  • Tuesday 8 May

Deacon Dumdaw Nwang Lat and Pastor Lamjang Geng Sam were arrested and imprisoned because they guided journalists around a Catholic church which had reportedly been bombed by a military airstrike. Pray today for justice for the two men, and pray that they would be unconditionally released.  

  • Wednesday 9 May

Deacon Dumdaw and Pastor Langjaw tried to help because “local priests weren’t allowed to speak to the media”. After being forcibly displaced by the violence against the Kachin people they wanted the world to know the truth. Give thanks for their courage today, and ask God to use their situation to make the suffering of the Kachin people known to the world. 

  • Thursday 10 May

CSW is calling for the government of Burma to take decisive and concreate action to stem the tide of rising militant Buddhism which has led to religious intolerance. Together let’s pray for an end to hate speech, discrimination and violence against religious minorities, and for greater efforts by religious leaders of all faiths to counter intolerance, promote peace and defend religious freedom.

  • Friday 11 May

The church has an important role to play in building a brighter future for Burma. Pray today for church leaders to play a role in peace building, dialogue and reconciliation. 

  • Saturday 12 May

Over 140,000 Kachin people, predominantly Christians, have been displaced, 200 villages attacked and 66 churches destroyed. Pray today for all those who have been forced to flee because of the violence and ask God to provide everything they need today. 




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