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Prayer Diary Nepal

10 Jun 2018

Since the introduction of Nepal’s constitution in 2015, and a new Criminal Code Bill in October last year, Nepal’s religious minorities are facing new levels of uncertainty. Many activists and experts believe that the constitution fails to protect the rights of marginalised communities, including religious minorities. 

One of the most concerning aspects of Nepal’s constitution is one particular clause, under which talking about one’s faith to a person of another faith could be construed as an act that may ‘jeopardize other’s religion’, and as an attempt to ‘convert another person from one religion to another’. This action is to be punishable by law.

  • Sunday 10 June

Pray today that the government of Nepal amends the constitution and penal code to guarantee full religious freedom for all.

  • Monday 11 June 

In 2016, this ‘anti-conversion’ clause in the constitution was used to charge eight Christians in Charikot with attempting to convert children through distributing a comic book on the story of Jesus. Give thanks that they were acquitted and released, and pray protection over them. 

  • Tuesday 12 June

Pray for human rights defenders in Nepal who are advocating for religious freedom to be upheld in Nepal. 

  • Wednesday 13 June

At the end of last year a Criminal Code Bill including clauses that criminalise religious conversion and ‘the hurting of religious sentiment’ was signed into law, which could lead to blasphemy accusations of the kind we often see in Pakistan. Today, please pray that these unjust laws would be repealed.

  • Thursday 14 June

In Nepal, the government does not allocate land for Christian, Muslim and Kirat burials, forcing these communities to regularly travel hundreds of miles to bury their loved ones. In extreme cases, the bodies are sometimes seized by Hindu extremists and forcibly cremated. Please pray that the government would recognise how horrific and unjust this is, and allocate land for burials.

  • Friday 15 June

Its two years since the government issued an order restricting how faith-based non-governmental organisations operate. The order states that those NGOs that run projects that involve the sharing of their faith would be denied permission. . Pray that these laws would be repealed soon as this could affect the work of national and international faith based humanitarian organisations.

  • Saturday 16 June

Father God, you are above all earthly powers and governments: we ask that you would work to change the legislation introduced in Nepal over recent years and lift the restrictions being placed on religious freedom. Amen.




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