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Prayer Diary Cuba

15 Jul 2018

“Since my departure the situation in Cuba has worsened - to continue living there now I would be imprisoned or dead. The news that I receive daily shows me that religious persecution increased. But I am sure that God hears the prayers and that our work is not in vain. I believe that God is the most interested in Cuba being free; and that this will happen soon.” – Pastor Mario Félix Lleonart Barroso, activist and church leader

  • Sunday 15 July

The Assemblies of God denomination has seen many of their churches shut down and even demolished, and their pastors and church members harassed and detained. Please pray for God’s protection over these brave men and women today.

  • Monday 16 July

Miguel Díaz-Canel was appointed President of Cuba in April 2018. His appointment marks the first time in nearly six decades that Cuba will be governed by an individual outside of the Castro family, and the first time that the president is not the head of the Communist Party. Today, pray that President Díaz-Canel will take strong action to protect religious freedom. Pray particularly that he abolishes the Office of Religious Affairs, the prime instigator of religious freedom violations on the island.

  • Tuesday 17 July

Today, join us in praying for the safety of the Ladies in White, a group of female human rights activists who peacefully protest the imprisonment of human rights defenders. Each Sunday they attend Mass dressed in white, then silently parade through their town. For this they are harassed, physically assaulted, and placed under house arrest to prevent them from protesting.

  • Wednesday 18 July

Thank God for the release in March of Leonardo Rodríguez Alonso, a prominent religious freedom defender, who had been detained for two days without charge. Please pray that the government would not harass Leonardo any further.

  • Thursday 19 July

Please continue to pray for the members of the Apostolic Movement: this large, unregistered denomination has been the target of severe government harassment for years. Pray God’s protection over them today.

  • Friday 20 July

Cuba is covered by our Americas team: please pray for energy, encouragement and supernatural wisdom for all the staff as they co-ordinate our work across Latin America and beyond.

  • Saturday 21 July

Lord, we echo Pastor Mario Félix’s faith that you want Cuba to be free: we thank you that you are a God of freedom and justice who cares deeply for your people in Cuba. We ask you to protect all those who work for human rights in Cuba. Amen.




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