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Prayer Diary: Sudan

20 Oct 2019

Sudan has witnessed extremely concerning developments over the last year. Protests in December 2018 were initially triggered by a government decision that tripled the price of bread, but they quickly took on far greater significance, with citizens throughout the country and of all faiths calling for democratic reforms. Former president Omar al Bashir was arrested on 11 April, and since then a Transitional Military Council has been in control - as we go to print, an agreement is being negotiated to hand over to a civilian government. Meanwhile, unarmed protestors have been repeatedly targeted and the human rights situation continues to deteriorate.

Heavenly Father, we lift the nation of Sudan to you. At this historic time, we pray that the hopes that inspired the recent revolution of freedom, justice and peace would become a reality.

We remember those who were killed in the demonstrations since December 2018. We ask for comfort for those who mourn. We especially remember the young people who had their lives cut short in the pursuit of freedom and justice.

We also remember the women – and men – who were violated, tortured and traumatised by members of the security services.

Lord, we ask that an impartial and independent investigation into the attacks on protestors would hold to account the perpetrators of these heinous crimes. As members of the new government begin the necessary programme of political, economic and legal reform, we ask that they would be able to work without interference for the benefit of all Sudanese people. 

We pray for those tasked with undertaking legal reforms, that they would work tirelessly to remove unjust laws that discriminate against women, and religious and ethnic minorities. We remember the leaders of the Sudanese Church of Christ who were forced to return to court in August to challenge a government decision on the leadership of their church.

Father, we pray for a peaceful transitional period for the nation. We pray for the leaders of the military and paramilitary groups such as the Rapid Support Forces who have a significant influence in the country, that they would allow civilian leaders to work freely and implement the reforms called for during the protests. We pray that they would show restraint at all times in the use of force against civilians.

For those living in Sudan’s war-torn regions of Darfur, South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Abyei, we pray for peace and justice. As the government negotiates with those communities, we pray for official recognition of and accountability for the violations of the past, including the atrocity crimes committed by Omar al Bashir’s government. We also pray for these communities to be able to participate in the new Sudan as equal citizens. Amen




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