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Prayer Diary: FoRB and Trade

23 Jun 2019

As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, the government will be negotiating new trade agreements with countries around the world. International trade agreements are not only important from a commercial perspective; they also operate as a crucial means of ensuring that fundamental human rights, including religious freedom, are upheld. It is paramount that the UK uses its departure from the EU to do the right thing – both economically and morally – ensuring that new trade deals protect the right to religious freedom for all.

Sunday 23 June
With the countless new trade agreements to be negotiated, Brexit will provide the UK with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to human rights. Pray today that the UK government would
prioritise the human rights of people around the world in all its trade negotiations.

Monday 24 June
Research consistently shows that protecting religious freedom and other human rights creates a setting which is favourable for business. In countries where human rights are upheld, there is greater stability, and with greater stability comes an increase in foreign investment and economic growth, and improved conditions for the countries’ own citizens. Pray that all those involved in negotiating the new UK trade agreements would be mindful of this, and make prudent decisions.

Tuesday 25 June
In September 2018 the House of Commons published a report entitled ‘Global Britain: Human rights and the rule of law’. The report recognised that the UK government would face conflicting priorities in its upcoming trade negotiations, but also clearly stated that prioritising human rights would be in the country’s long-term commercial and moral interests. Pray that the report’s recommendations would be implemented.

Wednesday 26 June
Pray for wisdom and perseverance for all the ministers and civil servants involved in the UK’s departure from the European Union. Ask God to grant them strength and wisdom in this time.

Thursday 27 June
Egypt has seen a progressive deterioration in human rights since the 2011 Revolution, and in 2016 the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office identified it as a country of concern. Yet the UK continues to export goods, including arms, to Egypt. Pray that the UK government would continue to press for human rights improvements in Egypt.

Friday 28 June
‘But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.’ (Matthew 6:33) Pray this verse over all those involved in negotiating the UK’s future trade deals.

Saturday 29 June
Lord Jesus Christ, we pray today for all those involved in negotiating future UK trade agreements. We ask that you grant them wisdom, understanding, compassion and a profound awareness of the dignity and rights of all people, both in the UK and abroad. In all their discussions, may they be mindful of their moral obligation to uphold human rights for all. Amen.




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