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Rev. Yunusa Nmadu, Nigeria

Pray for Human Rights Defenders

1 Dec 2023

Around the world, countless people display extraordinary courage every day when they speak up against injustices they see. We call these people Human Rights Defenders (HRDs).

Some are religious leaders; some are community leaders; some are lawyers. Some have become HRDs by default because of injustice experienced by a family or congregation member, rather than actively choosing this path. 

We are reminded of Judges 6, when the Lord called Gideon to rescue his people from oppression: ‘Am I not sending you?’

Though Gideon didn’t feel much like a ‘mighty warrior’, the Lord reassured him: ‘Go in the strength you have...I will be with you’.

Saturday 9 December:

International Human Rights Defenders Day

Throughout this week, especially on Saturday, pray for a fresh outpouring of strength, capacity and courage for HRDs like John Dayal in India, Rev Yunusa Nmadu in Nigeria, and Maridilegnis Carballo in Cuba. 

Pray also for the HRDs whose work puts them in so much danger that they must remain anonymous for security reasons. We cannot share their names with you, but we entrust them to God’s merciful care.

Several HRDs have asked to receive cards and letters – including John Dayal, Rev Yunusa and Maridilegnis. Could you write someone a message of hope in your prayer time this week? All the details you need are in Connect & Encourage:

Download a printable copy of this week's Prayer Diary. 



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