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Eritrea Submission to the 32nd UPR

17 Jul 2018

Joint submission to the Universal Periodic Review, 32nd session Submisison by CSW and CSW-Nigeria.


CSW (Christian Solidarity Worldwide) and CSW Nigeria seek to highlight grave, and continuing human rights violations occurring in the State of Eritrea. The report draws on interviews conducted yearly with refugees and their community leaders in five countries, as well as from research that has been ongoing since 2002, when the government effectively outlawed every religious community except Sunni Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, and Evangelical Lutheranism.

Arbitrary Detention, Torture, Cruel and inhumane and degrading treatment

Arbitrary detention, torture, cruel and inhumane and degrading treatment continue to occur with impunity in detention centres, with tens of thousands of Eritreans remaining detained without charge or trial and in life threatening conditions in more than 300 sites across the country.

Read the Eritrea Submission to the 32nd UPR in full.



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