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Ahmadi Muslim man shot dead

5 Jul 2018

Mr Qazi Muhammed Shoban, an Ahmadi Muslim man, was shot dead on 25 June.

Mr Qazi Muhammed Shoban, an Ahmadi Muslim man, was shot dead in his home in the Nishtar Colony area of Lahore, Pakistan on 25 June.

Two masked men entered his home and one led his wife away at gun point, detaining her in a room with their three children, while the second man shot Mr Shoban three times in the stomach. He was killed instantly.

Mr Shoban, who had become an Ahmadi Muslim 15 years previously, had no personal enmity with anyone and was not involved in any disputes. According to his wife, he had been receiving death threats from people in the local area during the past few days. It is believed that he was targeted because he was an Ahmadi Muslim.

The Ahmadiyya community have faced widespread persecution in Pakistan since the second amendment to the constitution was introduced in 1974, which declared them non-Muslim. This was followed by the introduction of Ordinance XX (20) in 1984, which imposed severe restrictions on their religious beliefs and criminalised the practice of their faith.

A recent report by the International Human Rights Committee reveals that the situation for Ahmadis is deteriorating, with increased hostility towards their community and egregious violations of their fundamental rights and freedoms.

CSW’s Chief Executive Mervyn Thomas said: “We extend our heartfelt condolences to Mr Shoban’s wife and daughters. CSW echoes calls from the Ahmadiyya Community for the authorities to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of this murder. We urge the government of Pakistan to fully implement its National Action Plan to tackle religious persecution and hate speech which promotes extremism, violence and intolerance.  The government must act to prevent the targeted killings of Ahmadis in Pakistan and to curb the incitement of hatred against them.”





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