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Chang Weiping and family. Credit: Twitter/@zijuan_chen


Urgent case briefing on human rights lawyer Chang Weiping

20 Apr 2021


Chang Weiping (常玮平) is a human rights defender and lawyer who was taken away by police officers in Baoji City, Shanxi Province, on 22 October 2020. He is being held on suspicion of ‘subversion of state power’, under ‘Residential Surveillance in a Designated Location’ (RSDL): this is essentially a form of enforced disappearance. 

Chang Weiping has been arbitrarily detained for his peaceful defence of human rights. He is at high risk of severe torture and ill-treatment. If convicted, he faces a lengthy prison sentence up to life imprisonment. 

We request that you raise this case urgently with the Chinese authorities in order to secure Chang Weiping’s immediate and unconditional release.

Click here to download the full briefing as a PDF.



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