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Over 15,000 supporters joined to pray for 24 hours across five continents for the Heroes of Faith.

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11 Jan 2022

2021 saw us come together to pray, campaign and give in new, creative ways. Thank you for playing your part in this movement.

Whenever you pray in a small gathering, or write a letter to someone in prison, you are part of something so much bigger – a movement of people all over the world who are passionate for justice. 

As the world comes together through online events and social media, we’re able to see that in a very tangible way. Two things stand out. Firstly, this movement is led by many, rather than just a few – leading us in prayer, sharing scriptures and encouragements, or even contributing a song.

Secondly, we can connect in a more immediate way all over the world with those on the frontlines. We began the year with a prayer meeting where 100 of you met in prayer with Professor Tarfa and his wife. They were so encouraged to discover a family from many nations, praying and sharing scriptures with them.

Here are a few highlights of 2021… 

On 14 May, to mark the 18th birthday of Leah Sharibu, we held Heroes of Faith, a series of five online prayer events on five continents across 24 hours. Nigeria gospel star Panam Percy Paul wrote a song for this initiative and was joined by Sinach (writer of Way Maker), Muyiwa, Lou Fellingham, and many worship leaders from around the world.

In October we launched Sing for Freedom, a campaign to draw the next generation of activists into our work through the power of song. Artists sang or lip-synced to raise awareness of the worsening crisis of mass abductions from schools in Nigeria. The campaign culminated with events in Nigeria, the UK, US and Mexico.

On 7 November we joined with Evangelical Alliance, Open Doors and Release International to host IDOP Online, where over hundreds of you joined in prayer for Christians in Afghanistan, Nigeria, Eritrea and India.

  • Over 2,000 people across the UK prayed with us at IDOP Online.
  • Over 15,000 supporters joined to pray for 24 hours across five continents for the ‘Heroes of Faith’.
  • Over 11,000 campaign actions were taken in 2021 on campaigns calling for justice in Cuba, Myanmar, Nigeria and China.



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