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Pastor Pan leading a church service in Jeju, South Korea


Case Update: Jan 2022: Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church

27 Jan 2022


In August 2021 CSW published a briefing on the case of Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church. In 2019 dozens of church members, led by Pastor Pan Yongguang, fled from China to Jeju Island in the Republic of Korea following increasing pressure from the authorities on their church and its associated school. The briefing documents the various forms of pressure against the church and the school, including police raids, intrusive monitoring of church activities, interrogation of church leaders, and forced eviction. The briefing also notes that several church members, including Pastor Pan, have received threatening phone calls from unknown persons while in Jeju.

The briefing concludes that the other church members must be protected from forcible repatriation to China, where they face grave threats to their personal safety and freedom, and offered asylum in a country where their right to freedom of religion or belief is protected.

This briefing, published in January 2022, focuses on the psychological implications of the church’s situation, in particular the impact on the church’s children.

Click here to download the full report as a PDF



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