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Extremists attack church construction site in Upper Egypt

30 Apr 2024

An extremist mob attacked the construction site of a new Evangelical church in Al-Kom Al-Ahmar village in Minya Province, Upper Egypt, on 26 April, destroying the building’s foundations and sewage system.

According to CSW sources, during the incident, which took place after Friday prayers on 26 April, the mob also attacked homes and properties belonging to Christians in the village, although no one was hurt.

Local police initially struggled to contain the situation; however, once reinforcements arrived from neighbouring towns and villages they succeeded in stopping the violence, and arrested several attackers.

CSW sources also report that Christians in the village had obtained all the necessary paperwork and permissions to build the church, and construction had begun on 22 April with a police presence on the site. Once constructed the church will serve more than 2,000 Evangelical Christians in the area.

The attack took place days after extremists destroyed the homes and properties of several Christians in Al-Fawakher village, also in Minya Province, following rumours that they were planning to build a church.

CSW’s Founder President Mervyn Thomas said: ‘While CSW welcomes the swift response of the authorities to stem the violence in Al-Kom Al-Ahmar, it is, nevertheless, concerning that this was the second incident of this nature in Minya Province within a matter of days. We emphasise once again that the Egyptian authorities must increase their efforts to address extremism and sectarianism – particularly in Upper Egypt where it is most prevalent – and deliver on President Sisi’s stated commitment to reform, inclusivity, and the principles of equal citizenship.’



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