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Free Pastor Lorenzo
Pastor Lorenzo has been sentenced to seven years in prison for participating in peaceful protests on 11 July 2021.
He has been a target of the Cuban government since 2009 because he is an independent religious leader. 
Ask the Cuban Ambassador to ensure the immediate release of Pastor Lorenzo, and that all charges against him are dropped.
Download the petition sheet here..
Free Reverend Samson
Rev Samson is in prison in Myanmar/Burma. He’s been jailed because Myanmar’s military regime see him as a threat. 

Rev Samson is a fearless advocate, speaking out against the military regime’s brutal oppression of its people. And it’s made him a target. 
Will you join us in calling on the UK government to do more to help free Rev Samson?
Download the petition sheet here.

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We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs