Fundraising shouldn’t feel like a chore!

There are so many ways to have fun, raise awareness and provide vital funds all at the same time; so pick an idea that suits you and then share it with us. We’ll then do all we can to support you.

Ask yourself, ‘why am I passionate about the work of CSW’? Then think of an activity that you love to do. Combine the two and you’re already on your way.  The sky is the limit! You can be as creative as you like.

Perhaps you’d like to organise a pizza and movie night? Maybe you’d like to put on a show at your school or church? How about swimming the equivalent of the English Channel at your local swimming pool? Maybe you can do a headstand for a full hour and have always wondered how you can best use this incredible feat to make a difference; well here’s your chance! We welcome anything from fancy dinners to random adventures!

Simply email our Fundraise for Freedom team and share your amazing idea. After that we’ll  support you as you plan, advertise and implement your fundraising activity or event. We can offer fundraising and event tips, direct you to some great promotional resources and send you the latest updates and materials from CSW. 

Need inspiration? 

Meet these fabulous fundraisers and find out what they've done to fundraise for freedom…

Louise, Forth Bridge abseil 2019

Louise - Forth Bridge

'After hearing the stories of some of the people that CSW works with and supports, it made me remember that whilst I had a few minutes of nerves facing the abseil, afterwards I was looking forward to a celebratory lunch with my family, whilst the people CSW supports were most likely still in prison for their faith or facing unimaginable hardship.'  

Janet, Forth Bridge abseil 2019

Janet - Forth Bridge

'I felt a real conviction to raise some funds to support our work defending vulnerable and voiceless individuals who suffer for their beliefs. Having had major cancer surgery and a series of related surgical procedures over the past two years, I also saw this as a personal physical and mental challenge and an opportunity to prove to myself that in God’s strength I had overcome this illness.' 

Emily, London's Royal Parks 2019

Emily - Royal Parks

'From mile 10 my feet and legs were telling me they’d had enough, and I had to dig deep to keep running. Around mile 11, I prayed to God for strength and I was reminded of the resilience and resolve of the people CSW works with. With that inspiration in mind, I picked up my pace and focused on crossing the finish line.' 

 Julian, London's Royal Parks 2019

Julian - Royal Parks

'As I run this race I will remember that CSW are running hard every day of the year to secure the freedoms that make the world a happier and more peaceful place for us all.'

Here’s some ideas for how you can get involved:

  • Donation bingo: Make a grid of 40 squares with amounts from £1 to £40, and hold a game of bingo with your friends.
  • Charity auctions are a tried and tested crowd pleaser.
  • MoneyMile: 1 mile of mixed copper coins (1 pence and 2 pence) makes over £1,000. Great for schools and children, youth and student groups.
  • Get sponsored to drink only water for 40 days. One of our amazing Ambassadors did this for a whole year!
  • There’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned cake sale: sell cakes and biscuits you’ve made to family, friends and your church.
  • Have a sponsored dress up day: you could dress like you’re from CSW’s founding year, 1979.
  • Living room gigs: Get a talented musical friend or local band to play in your living room and charge a small amount for entry.
  • Share a car for 40 days: Find someone you can car-share with and donate the money that would have been spent on public transport.
  • Be sponsored to take up something new and challenging for 40 days, such as dancing or knitting.
  • Sponsored sports tournament: For example, hold a football tournament between different churches in your area and charge for entry.
  • Sweet tube: Buy a mega size Smarties/Buttons/Fruit Pastilles tube and fill it with all your loose change, or £1 coins until it’s full.
  • Auction 1 hour of your expertise: maybe you have a skill you can give a lesson in, or you can spend an hour cooking someone an amazing meal.
  • Swap shop: Get together with friends to swap your unwanted but still good condition clothes/household items. Participants pay for entry.
  • Get people (friends, colleagues, people from church) to do a timed challenge. Try 40 push-ups or skipping for 40 minutes!
  • Round the world afternoon tea: Hold a tea- or coffee-tasting event featuring drinks from different countries CSW works on, such as Colombian coffee or Sri Lankan tea.
  • Hold a popcorn fundraiser: Make various flavours of popcorn and sell them at a cake sale or after church.
  • Charity walk with a difference: What would it look like to walk in the shoes of persecuted believers? Participants could do a sponsored walk to church with a rucksack full of Bibles, mirroring people who have long, arduous journeys to church, and those who smuggle Bibles into places where they’re forbidden.
  • Themed nights: Choose a country CSW works on, and cook and show films connected to that country. You could make a curry and watch a Bollywood film, or have fajitas and watch Pixar’s Coco or The Book of Life. Participants pay for entry.
  • Treasure hunt: Get permission from your church to hide items within the grounds of the church, and charge for entry.
  • How about a sponsored 1 hour silence?
  • Try a sponsored run/cycle/walk/etc: get sponsorship for every mile you cover.

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