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April - July 2019

Write a message of hope this Easter

More than any other event in the Christian calendar, Easter is about hope. Together, we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus and our liberation from sin through his sacrifice. Share that amazing hope with someone suffering because of their faith this Easter – write a message of encouragement to one of the people found in Connect & Encourage , and celebrate the hope of Easter together.

Connect & Encourage is CSW’s directory of people who have asked to receive cards and letters of encouragement. They’re church leaders, human rights workers, church members and activists from all over the world who suffer daily because of their religious beliefs, or because they defend those rights on behalf of others. Many of them are in prison – all of them are in desperate need of encouragement and hope. Your letters can encourage and inspire them, even getting them better treatment as the government and prison authorities realise that their treatment is being monitored and made known internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to include Christian greetings and Bible verses?

If the person you’re  writing to is a Christian, it’s okay to send them cards and messages that are obviously Christian. However, if you want to be safe, or the person you are writing to has different religious beliefs (we always indicate this), cards with colourful pictures or landscapes on the front are always appreciated.

What if I can’t write in the person’s language?

Even if the person receiving your card can’t read English, receiving a card can still bring them hope and encouragement by reminding them that they are not forgotten. If you can write in the language of the person – even if it is just a phrase or two – please do! They will appreciate your effort.

Will my letters actually reach the intended person?

Although some letters may be intercepted, we do everything we can to ensure that most will reach their destination. 

Is it safe to include my name and address on my cards?

As long as you are happy to receive a reply, including your contact details isn’t a problem. However, you may receive letters requesting financial help. Always contact CSW regarding these requests before you respond to them.

Can I send letters to every country where CSW works?

We have only included people in Connect & Encourage if we can verify that receiving messages won’t put them in danger. In some of the countries where we work, sending letters and cards could further endanger the recipients. Instead, please remember these people in your prayers, asking God to grant them strength, protection and comfort.

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