Invite a CSW speaker

"Though their work CSW could connect us with real people going through real hardship in their faith"

That’s what one church leader told us about how CSW’s visit to his church has challenged and encouraged his congregation.

We know that it’s difficult to get your church motivated about religious freedom – sometimes if something isn’t happening here it’s easy to think it isn’t happening. But in over 145 countries every day Christians face harassment or intimidation of some kind for their faith. And we can help you inspire and challenge your church to do something to help them.

"People were really moved and asked lots of questions. They were shocked by what they heard but keen to respond. Issues that seem so far away were brought to life and people are now hungry for information"

When a CSW speaker visits a church, it’s a chance to get an insider insight into the truth of religious persecution around the world today.

We’re happy to be flexible – we can send a speaker to lead the whole service, or just for a short slot. We’ll bring resources so people can find out more, and there’ll be an opportunity for them to get involved in a practical way. Our speakers have often travelled to meet victims of persecution so can tell you from personal experience what’s really going on in the world.

We’ve got lots of speakers available, and it’s really easy to book. Just fill out the form below and we'll be in touch to arrange the details.

#2 CSW manifesto

We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs