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By raising awareness through the media and lobbying through the media and at high levels of political power, our aim is to expose the discrimination and injustice faced by those persecuted for their faith. As a result, we rejoice every time someone is released from prison or when trumped up charges are dropped.

Dr K B Rokaya

Dr K B Rokaya is one of CSW’s partners in Nepal whom we have supported for more than ten years. He explains how our partnership and active advocacy work have contributed to conflict resolution, peace building, human rights and democracy in his country.

In his recent letter to us, Dr Rokaya writes: “...At a time when human rights defenders in Nepal were not able to speak out against the disappearances, extrajudicial killings and other human rights violations taking place during the former king’s direct rule, CSW made it possible for me to air my views from the London studio of the BBC informing the world about the conflict, political situation and human rights violations in Nepal... thank you for your partnership, prayer, support and concern for the work of NCCN and for the marginalised and left out people of Nepal...”

The legacy of Florence Stone helped to make our support possible in places like Nepal. When she died in 2006, her gift – in the form of a legacy – helped CSW to support partner organisations like Dr Rokaya’s in our unwavering commitment to bring the truth to light.

Despite these and many other breakthroughs, the persecution of Christians and those of other faiths continues around the world. By remembering the work of CSW in your will, you can bring them much-needed relief and support.

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We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs