Nigeria Week of Prayer

Nigeria week of prayer

The Islamist terror group Boko Haram has mounted a campaign of terror for more than a decade. In that time thousands of people have been killed and around one million people have been forced to flee their homes.  Boko Haram’s violent attacks have targeted at Christians, Muslims who don’t share their ideology and federal government targets such as schools, the police and the military. In the last two months we’ve seen almost daily attacks, many by young female suicide bombers, that have  claimed the lives of more than 800 people. We’ve also seen a disturbing increase in violence by armed Fulani gunmen on farming communities in central Nigerian states which have claimed over 500 lives within a two-month period.

The situation is reaching crisis point and we cannot stand by and do nothing.

Next week, we want to change this worrying trajectory by countering the upsurge in violence with an uprising of prayer.  We want to see an end to violence, and a free and peaceful future for all Nigerians.


  • Pray and ask for God’s mercy upon Nigeria, its leaders and people. Pray also that the Church would be persistent in prayer and that God would deliver the nation from every source of violence.
  • Ask God to strengthen and encourage the military, which is struggling to protect rural communities from both armed groups.
  • Pray that military and security personnel would be adequately equipped to fight terrorism.
  • Pray for President Buhari as he appoints a cabinet, and that his government would swiftly formulate strategies for victory over every source of violence. Pray also that the enablers and funders of violence would be exposed and prosecuted. Ask God to protect vulnerable communities in remote areas and along the country’s porous borders.
  • Pray for peace, healing and provision for those displaced internally or externally by violence, and that they would be able to return home soon and live in safety.
  • Pray for healing, acceptance and assistance for female former hostages who suffered unimaginable violence and have returned to their communities pregnant.
  • Pray for a change of heart for Boko Haram members Fulani gunmen, their sponsors and supporters.

#2 CSW manifesto

We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs