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“One thing I can bring to you is the voices of those who are saying thank you for praying for us. We have survived and will survive on the wings of prayers from those around the world whom we may never know until we meet at the feet of Jesus.”  The Most Rev Benjamin Kwashi, Anglican Archbishop of Jos

On Sunday 19November we gathered to mark the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church in partnership with the Religious Liberty Commission. In the past God has powerfully answered our prayers on this annual event – releasing prisoners, moving the hearts of politicians, and protecting people who are persecuted for their faith. We're so grateful to everyone who gathered to pray with us on Sunday, and we know that God will answer your prayers powerfully.


In 1996, a coalition of Christian organisations decided that the global Church could no longer be silent. They were appalled by the knowledge that more people had died for their Christian faith in the twentieth century than in all the previous centuries combined.  A statement was issued, pledging to end “our own silence in the face of the suffering of all those persecuted for their religious faith.” Last year, this partnership officially became the Religious Liberty Commission. 

People from an astonishing 110 countries pledged to pray for the persecuted on IDOP that first year.  That included countries such as Sudan, China and Iran, where Christians were suffering severely themselves but still wanted to uphold other parts of the persecuted Church in prayer. This humbling realisation spurred the organisers on to make it an annual event.

“Remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.” – Hebrews 13:3

Churches from all over the world now pray together annually for the millions of fellow Christians who suffer harassment, torture, imprisonment or even death, simply because of their beliefs. And sixteen years on, we’ve seen some amazing answers to prayer as a result of IDOP.


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